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:: Dido - Live At Brixton Academy

I gathered a greater appreciation of Dido as a live performer from her brilliant performance at Live 8 this year. Therefore, to view this show represents one of the milestones in her successful career to date. This is Dido’s frst DVD release and captures her performances over three nights in August 2004 at the Brixton Academy in London. So it is close to home for her. It was a busy touring year for the English singer/songwriter and the phenomenal tour took in a live audience of more than half a million people. There are beautiful arrangements and her intriguing lyrics are well sung in her clear, soft voice. There are five members in her band and we see African drums, tambourine, and keyboards amongst the instrumentation. The DVD doesn’t show much interaction between Dido and her crowds so it is difficult to gauge the all-round performance to some extent. She does wows the audience with an exemplary performance however.

The DVD package includes a terrific bonus audio CD that covers twelve of the seventeen DVD tracks. It has many of her big hits. The booklet has the concert dates, credits and pictures. It is an excellent package and an enjoyable experience.

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Bonus audio disc