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:: The Doobie Brothers - Let the Music Play

The Doobie Brothers are entitled to be classed as Legends of Rock as they have produced over forty years of hit records and world tours. Now, this deserved and enlightening DVD has been released and it documents the band's history very vividly. The film uses interviews with band members Patrick Simmons, Tom Johnston, Michael McDonald, John McFee, Tiran Porter and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter to trace the musical evolution of The Doobie Brothers, from their early rock successes like ‘Listen to the Music’ and ‘Black Water,’ to the later pop era that produced hits like ‘What a Fool Believes’. It also shows how the band became divided. Manager Bruce Cohn and producer Ted Templeman also took part in discussing the story of the band.

There was a lot of heart and soul to the band, with many songs seizing on the right groove and guitar work. Much of their music is still being played now, which goes to the strength of the music they made.

The additional footage of nine live tracks is most pleasurable and it really stacks up as the most galvanizing element of Let the Music Play. The interviews are good with the admission by Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Michael McDonald that tensions arose within the band. It's quite an insightful story.

So, in a nutshell, we see the beginnings of The Doobie Brothers as a biker band in California in 1970, through their breakthrough with Listen To The Music in 1972, sustained success and line-up changes in the mid-seventies and their change of musical direction and further success following the arrival of Michael McDonald in 1976.

The internal disagreements led to the band breaking up after a farewell concert in 1982. There were sporadic reunions in the eighties before the band reformed permanently in the early 1990s and have continued touring and recording ever since. This is a worthwhile package for any Doobies fan.

DVD Extras

‘Let the Music Play’ also features a bonus package of nine live performances - ‘Rainy Day Crossroad Blues,’ ‘Without You,’ ‘Listen To The Music,’ ‘Black Water,’ ‘Takin’ It To The Streets,’ ‘Rockin’ Down The Highway,’ ‘Neal’s Fandango,’ ‘Long Train Runnin’’ and ‘China Grove.’