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:: Eskimo Joe

Eskimo Joe has been one of Australia’s underrated bands over the past decade. From Perth, it took them some time to establish their support outside of Western Australia. But the quality of their music has never been in question, in my mind. I became aware of them earnestly in late 1990s when they were ambassadors for National Youth Week and showed the character and commitment to succeed in the Australian music scene. A hiccup or two in the early 2000s had their career on hold but the band has bounced back superbly in the last two years. It now culminates in the DVD, which contains a feature length documentary, many video clips, and television appearances.

The main content deals with performances at Homebake Festival 2004 and Big Day Out 2005. Their live performance prowess resulted in Eskimo Joe being voted as the Jack Award’s Best Live Band. The only flaw in the live footage is the editing which cuts out the byplay between band members, otherwise it demonstrates the band’s capabilities very well.

The old video clips are worth revisiting and the different looks of the guys over the years. There are interviews that take their career as a whole, right up to their latest album “A Song Is A City” and there are some cool little anecdotes mentioned.

There is a fanography which will highlight photographs of fans with band members, a documentary filmed in Melbourne at various venues including Sing Sing Studios where the guys originally mixed their latest CD.

About six hours of Eskimo Joe's videos, performances and bonus features along with a 11 page booklet make this a recommended DVD, not just for Eskimo Joe fans but for Australian rock fans.

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Hidden Features: Karaoke, rare TV.