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:: Every Time I Die - S**t Happens

When Pantera released their third home video compilation ‘3 - Watch It Go’ in 1997, they single-handedly revolutionised the way metal bands chose to present themselves on celluloid. While some have attempted to replicate the same ridiculous, spur of the moment sense and impromptu sense of humour as Pantera (Shadows Fall’s ‘The Art of Touring (Drunk & Shitty in Every City)’ and MxPx’s ‘B-Movie’ spring to mind), few have, in all honesty, bettered the original.

That was until Buffalo (New York) based emo/screaming hardcore/metalcore act Every Time I Die entered into the competition with ‘S**t Happens’. Making up the main component of ‘S**t Happens’ is the two-hour fly on the wall/on the road rock-umentary, and I’ll be damned if what isn’t presented is some of the stupidest, idiotic and funniest footage ever committed to tape ever.

With highlights including the definition of ‘Shinfo’ (Which amounts to shitty information that someone interjects into a conversation that has nothing to do with what’s being discussed), the ‘Pass Out Game’, ‘Day Off Cinema’ (a trailer to an otherwise pointless movie starring Every Time I Die), the touching ‘Family’ segment (guitarist Andrew Williams’ dad has the best line), the hilarious ‘Acey Deucey’ card game (the effects on this segment are worth the price of admission alone), drummer Michael ‘Ratboy’ Novak Jr.’s creepy ‘Lurker’ appearance, ‘Barfabalooza’, ‘Signings’, ‘We’re Here To Relieve The Hurricane’, ‘Sketchy Coaster’, ‘Monster Mosh’, ‘Getting Ready For The Xmas Show’, ‘No One Could Ever Love Joey’ (an incredibly bad rendition of A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’), ‘Bored Stiff’ (the weakest circle pit ever), ‘I’ll Box Anyone On This Tour’, ‘Flaming Mohawk’, ‘Don’t Call Him Ratboy’, and the totally wrong ‘Rotisserie Gold’ (Convenience store food).

Apart from the main film, ‘S**t Happens’ also includes some bonus live footage (‘Emergency Broadcast Syndrome’, Godspeed Us To Sea’, ‘Romeo A Go-Go’ and ‘The Logic Of Crocodiles’) and all of the band’s promotional video clips (The hilarious ‘The New Black’, ‘Kill The Music’, ‘I Been Gone A Long Time’, ‘Ebolarama’ and ‘The Logic Of Crocodiles’).

Even if you only have a passing interest in Every Time I Die, ‘S**t Happens’ is worthy of a look in, if only for the genuinely laugh out loud moments rather than the music itself.

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