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:: The Flaming Lips - The Fearless Freaks

They drew an emormous amount of fans from their Big Day Out appearance eighteen months ago, and those fans should be pleased that a DVD that describes this unique band's improbable progression from their early punk element to a celebratory, whimsical current era of orchestra-like proportions. This band doesn't know the meaning of creating consistent music. They will experiment where not many bands will venture and their live shows grew in stature over a long time and they can deliver freaky music at times.

Much material has gone into the compiltion of this special DVD. Videos of early live shows and hundreds of hours of footage by director Brad Beesley ensures the viewer gets a proper insight into the characters of The Flaming Lips. There is actually some riveting stuff amongst the footage including the subject of Stephen Drozd's heroin addiction. The footage is quite graphic and nerve-racking. Fans of the band will appreciate the uplifting and transparent nature and it adds credibility to the way this DVD accounts for itself as an inspirational document of the band's amazing life. In fact, it proves that Drozd, as the multi-instrumentalist, has been a key component to the band's success.

Credit to director Beesley for The Fearless Freaks for discovering the footage and compiling it in such a manner.

DVD Extras


Deleted scenes,
live clips,
photo slide shows,
band and director’s commentary.