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:: The Complete GANGgajang

The Complete GANGgajang is just that - the complete GANGgajang! The double DVD extravaganza covers all aspects of the Gang’s stellar 20-plus year career. For many the name will bring back memories of the band’s fun attitude and fundamentally Australian sound. While others may not instantly recognise the name, they will without a doubt know the perennial Australian classics, such as Sounds of Then (This is Australia), Gimme Some Lovin’, House of Cards and Hundreds Of Languages.

The DVD not only includes all 17 of GANGgajang’s video clips, but also background information and interviews with the band giving viewers insights into the stories behind the clips. The clips section delivers GANGgajang’s catchy Australian tunes, while providing an amusing look back at the fashions and hairstyles of the mid 1980’s and 1990s. Particularly amusing were stories of lead singer Mark Callaghan being flung around the back of a moving truck for the House of Cards video and keyboard player Geoffrey Stapleton’s rock star antics when taking on the role of lead singer in the American Money film clip.

The spirit and energy of GANGgajang live in concert is showcased by the two full- length television specials, Rock Arena (from 1985, which also showcases some choice outfits!) and The Basement (from 2002). While the performances were recorded some 17 years apart, the fun and passion of the band’s live shows remain.

A definite highlight of the DVD is the archives section, where we are allowed into the inner sanctum of GANGgajang. You’ll get huge laughs from the presentation of Gold Records to the band in a kitchen and the attempted organisation of a celebratory group photograph.

The Complete GANGgajang DVD is wax-head value-plus for the inclusion of the cult surfing movie, Mad Wax! The combination of the ridiculous story line of magical surf wax, the bad acting, thick Aussie accents, awesome waves and impressive surfing with the exclusive soundtrack of GANGgajang’s toe-tapping tunes makes Mad Wax movie gold. GANGgajang’s music has always struck a chord with Australian culture and surprisingly the Brazilians have also identified big-time with their music. GANGgajang’s enormous success in Brazil is also documented in this jam packed DVD.

The complete GANGgajang is a must for die hard fans and fans of Aussie pop rock in general. This DVD covers everything and anything you would ever want to know about these Australian favourites. The band’s down to earth nature and love of music gives the DVD a definite charm, making this essential viewing for all!

DVD Extras

archive material from band's history
- background information
- interviews
- TV special (Rock Arena 1985)
- TV special (The Basement 2002)