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:: Henry Rollins - Provoked: Live from Melbourne

Henry Rollins is a chameleon. The bull necked, big chested musician is a punk rock legend, an actor, a fierce critic and at the same a totally nice guy. A frequent visitor to Australia, Rollins is aware with what’s happening here politically. Recorded in May in 2008 at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre, Rollins wasted no time in telling his audience of his disappointment with his latest stay down under. "I can't find that bushy-eye browed b*** John Howard anywhere,” he said, feigning frustration.

Rollins is not exactly a comedian, there is no classic stand up material where he is talking about marriage and growing old. This is straight up real talk with a guy that just happens to be entertaining. He is like that dude you want to hang out with at the back of the bar and listen to stories and tangents that some times may not make sense, but it just so great to listen to.

The 90 minute special sees Rollins regale audience with great anecdotes about his passion for music and talks about interesting encounters with his idols – the story of him humiliating himself in his first encounter with Iggy Pop is a killer

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