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:: On Tour With J.J.Cale - To Tulsa And Back

This unique DVD takes us into the musical life of J.J.Cale; termed a legend by many as his records have earned him a devoted cult following around the world. Some of his best known hits are ‘Cocaine’, ‘Call Me The Breeze’ and ‘After Midnight’. the first and third mentioned hits also became two of Eric Clapton's hits, and Eric shares his thoughts about J.J.Cale in this DVD.

For the first time, Cale has agreed to have a film made about his music, his life and career. The documentary follows him and his band through six American states on his 2005 “To Tulsa and Back Tour”. The result was something more than a look at the talent and times of an ageing musician.

At its core, ‘To Tulsa and Back’ is a basic retrospective. Since Cale was touring many of the places from his past, director Jorg Bundschun's film has an inherent narrative. Beginning in Oklahoma, we see where Cale was born and hear how he played local clubs and halls, gaining skill and developing his sound. As the gigs continue, from Texas to Colorado and all points around the Rocky Mountain region, we hear about Cale's rising success, his decision to avoid obvious attempts at courting the mainstream, and the ultimate decline of his fortunes.

Loaded with over an hour of added content, including full-concert performances, acoustic jams, and extended interviews, the landscapes are inspirational, the faces of everyone on-screen are filled with character and personality. The sound quality is most impressive too.

There are plenty of live performances scattered throughout the film, and the bonus features include all of these and some others, as well as an interview in non-interrupted form. It is a worthy movie for any J.J. Cale fan who has wanted to know more about the artist and his history.

DVD Extras

concert performances
acoustic jams
extended interviews