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:: John Mayer - Where The Light Is - Live In Los Angeles

This DVD was recorded at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on December 8, 2007. The 22-song concert is divided into three segments: an acoustic set, followed by a John Mayer Trio performance, and culminating with Mayer playing alongside his regular touring band.

Mayer explains in the DVD, during a short in-car interview after his first set, why he chose to break the concert up into those three distinct parts, “the acoustic set reminds me of when I first started, I don’t have to nod to anyone and let them know, ‘this is where we are going,’ the band is my pop sensibilities, what I love doing, the melodies, the hooks, the John Mayer trio when I was successful with that I felt almost cornered by it and I knew there was some other stuff I wanted to get out: almost the antidote to the pop stuff is the trio."

This concert shows all three sides to Mayer’s musical abilities and offers long time fans and those who may just be getting into John Mayer an opportunity to really see how dynamic and multi-layered an artist he is. He has the ability to meld this assortment of sounds into an inspired and cohesive show.

When Mayer suits up – literally and figuratively – with his Trio (rounded out by drummer Steve Jordan and bassist Pino Palladino), he summons the show’s most spirited, ambitious moments. Laying down a heavy dose of electric blues, he leads the band through originals like “Good Love Is On The Way” and “Who Did You Think I Was” while a selection of covers, including B.B. King’s “Every Day I Have The Blues” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Wait Until Tomorrow” is extremely polished and worthy.

Mayer enjoys himself and really shines – especially on the guitar – when his touring band joins him for the concert’s final set. He plays in fine form on “Waiting On The World To Change,” “Why Georgia,” and a brilliant nine-minute, slow-burning version of “Gravity”.

Even if John Mayer’s seemingly pop-aesthetic is not for you, his acoustic songs and rare performance with the John Mayer Trio will certainly give you something to applaud.

DVD Extras

Bonusview: Who Did You Think I Was - Steve Jordan & Pino Palladino Picture-in-Picture Experience
Slow Dancing on Mulholland Drive