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:: Joy Division

The English rock band known as Joy Division came to a tragic end in 1980 when vocalist Ian Curtis committed suicide; its surviving members reforming as the group New Order. This engaging documentary chronicles Joy Division's success and influence from its formation in 1976 to the eve of their planned American tour.

This excellent DVD is a chronological account of the influential band. In 1976 four young men from post-industrial Manchester, England, went to see the Sex Pistols. Inspired by the chaotic sounds of that new band, they too, formed a band. Joy Division made a big impact, and were about to tour the USA when the now epilelpsy-suffering lead singer, Ian Curtis, committed suicide.

We've already seen the DVD “Control”, which told of the life of frontman Ian Curtis. This documentary of Joy Division is thorough and engaging, particularly with the interviews of the band members. These Interviews with the ageing members of the band are enlightening and often humorous, and are boosted with archival footage.

DVD Extras

More than one hour of additional clips, interviews, outtakes, and the original theatrical trailer.
Dolby Digital 5:1 Surround