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:: Katy Perry - Part Of Me

Katy Perry - A Part of Me takes a surprisingly candid, or should I say ‘candied’, look behind the fairy floss and bubblegum of pop singer Katy Perry’s hectic year-long 2011 California Dreams tour. The documentary delves into her upbringing, fight to the top, and her marriage, and its subsequent demise, to actor Russell Brand. Sadly, however, I was unable to watch the documentary in 3D, but I am sure Katie’s Willa Wonka-inspired twirling, bosom candy props would have been simply delightful viewed in the third dimension.

Much like other music documentaries, A Part of Me uses interviews with the singer’s parents, siblings, and tour staff to craft a story to highlight both the pinnacles and pitfalls of Perry’s career to date. It’s all there: her preacher parents who denied the children to listen to pop music, her spirit to keep on when the chips, or should I say candy, were down, and her short-lived marriage to comedian Russell Brand.

Most interesting, perhaps, is the raw footage of Perry’s pre fame days – the musician before she was well-known, behind the make-up and rainbow hued wigs. Behind all this there was a plain-faced girl signed to a Christian/country label who sung with nothing but an acoustic guitar; who left her Pentecostal upbringing for the bright lights and cotton candy of L.A. so she could sing about kissing girls and along the way she got dumped by a few major labels who tried to change her.

We seem to glimpse elements of Perry’s personality through her candid interviews and occasional tears regarding her marriage and gruelling tour schedule, but there seems to be a void in getting to know what really makes her tick, a void that all the Jolly Rancher candy in the world can’t fill. I got a taste of Katy Perry and I liked it, but somehow A Part of Me leaves you wanting a whole lot more.