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:: Lacuna Coil - Visual Karma (Body, Mind And Soul)

Although having flirted with some mainstream success with their ‘Comalies’ of 2002, it was 2006’s ‘Karmacode’ that really became Italian gothic rock/metal act Lacuna Coil’s watershed release. Now, after two long years on the road supporting their biggest selling release to date, the six-piece act have put together their double DVD effort ‘Visual Karma (Body, Mind And Soul)’ in celebration of their whirlwind and seemingly endless two year ‘Karmacode’ touring cycle. The first disc of this set primarily centres around two live performances, with the first being the band’s fifty-one minute appearance at 2007’s Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. Filmed through the day, Lacuna Coil’s Wacken gives a very different perspective to what you would normally visualise with the band. But having said that, the band’s performance on the day is a good one, with the eleven track set list showcasing the best of what the band have to offer. Apart from Ferro’s vocals being a little hit and miss in places, Lacuna Coil are pretty much in top form, with their run through ‘Swamped’, ‘In Visible Light’, ‘Closer’, ‘Heaven’s A Lie’ and ‘Our Truth’ the highlights of the set. As if to give viewers a completely different perspective, the band’s six song set at 2007’s Loudpark Festival in Tokyo is shot during the night, and presents Lacuna Coil in a completely different light. Shot by MTV Japan, the six track set list again captures Lacuna Coil at their live best, with favourites ‘To The Edge’, ‘Swamped’ and ‘Within Me’ standing out. Finishing up the first disc are all the promotional video clips filmed for ‘Karmacode’, including ‘Our Truth’, ‘Enjoy The Silence’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Within Me’.

On disc two, the band attempt to present a bit more of themselves, with ‘Karma Chronicles’. Its here that the band present six individual self-portraits of themselves, with the films based on whatever their topic of choice happens to be. While some work (Such as Scabbia’s ‘Simple As Water’, where she talks about raising money for a water well in Kenya, Biazzi’s love of guitars in ‘7-Seven … Strings Life’ and Zelati’s life in the fast lane in ‘The Real Thing’), some simply don’t. Ferro’s ‘Inside Milan’ is mildly interesting, but hardly gripping look at Milan is something you’ll probably only watch once, while Migliore’s ‘The Leaning Journey Of Pizza’ and Mozzati’s martial arts based ‘Enter The Drummer’ don’t beg repeated viewings. Both ‘Behind The Scenes: Australian Tour 2007’ and ‘First Time In Japan’ are fly on the wall looks at the band’s visits to the two countries, and mildly interesting to watch, as to are the making of features for both the ‘Our Truth’ and ‘Closer’ promotional videos. The fan contribution part of disc two is quite tedious, and really only worth a look for those with a lot of free time on their hands. Finishing up the disc is the four minute Empty Spiral interview with Scabbia, which is good, if a little on the short side. If you’re a diehard Lacuna Coil fan, then ‘Visual Karma (Body, Mind And Soul)’ is going to entertain you to no end. If, on the other hand, you only have a passing interest in the band, then keep in mind that if you were to purchase this, the only thing you’ll be watching more than once is the live performances on the first disc.

DVD Extras

  • Remixed and remastered live performances recorded in 2007 at the Loudpark Festival (Japan) and Wacken Festival (Germany)
  • The band member's individual personal mini-movie features
  • All of the promo videos from the “Karmacode” album
  • Behind-the-scenes tour features filmed around the world
  • 10 competition winning fan-created videos
  • A link and key to the band's new album preview website!
  • A 5.1 mix of the “Karmacode” album on audio DVD
  • A bonus CD with the Wacken Open Air audio live material
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