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:: Lamb Of God - Killadelphia (Australian tour edition)

Hot on the heels of their successful return to Australian shores in April, SonyBMG Australia has packaged together a limited edition Australian only tour edition of Lamb Of God’s ‘Killadelphia’ for diehard fans of the long running Virginian heavy/groove metal band.

Originally released in 2005 as separate products (one being the stand alone CD, and the other the DVD), ‘Killadelphia’ captures Lamb Of God in front of a solid out Philadelphian audience at the Trocadero in support of their third full-length album ‘Ashes Of The Wake’.

Focusing primarily on the DVD side of things (as the CD is essentially an audio version of the show), ‘Killadelphia’ is nothing short of killer from start to finish.

Directed by Doug Spangenberg of High Roller Studios ‘Killadelphia’ is everything a Lamb Of God fan could want from a live show, with the band ripping up the stage over a fifteen song set, with fan favourites such as ‘Now You’ve Got Something To Die For’, ‘Bloodletting’, ‘The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion’, ‘Laid To Rest’, ‘11th Hour’, ‘Ruin’, ‘What I’ve Become’ and ‘Black Label’ the highlights of the show.

Shot with multiple cameras, presented in surround sound and featuring generous shots of all the band members, ‘Killadelphia’ is a stunning document of Lamb Of God live performance, and that’s one hell of a show!
The other side of ‘Killadelphia’ is the two-hour long documentary footage shot during the band’s tour in support of ‘Ashes Of The Wake’, which proves to be every bit as essential viewing as the concert itself.

Completely uncensored, the documentary is at times funny, honest, touching and sometime explosive. Aside from the documentary, there are three promotional video clips, various interviews with the band and crew-members, outtakes, the band members run down on their gear through soundcheck, band and director commentaries and three hidden Easter eggs.

There’s no shortage of metal DVDs released in the last couple of years, but Lamb Of God’s ‘Killadelphia’ is by far one of the best in years.

DVD Extras

promotional videos
interviews with band and crew
director commentaries

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