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:: Los Lobos - Live at the Fillmore - July 29-30, 2004

The acclaimed Los Angeles band has produced this DVD beautifully. It was compiled at the time of their 30th anniversary tour, and proves to be a celebration of their long and enjoyable career to date. The wonderful relationship between band and audience is a delight to watch and the group clearly feeds off one another and with the crowd's energy.

There is a brief documentary that accompanies the 21-song set, drawn from their entire catalogue. The band has had a distinguished but underrated career. The band still rock with power and audacity.

The Latin American rhythms are irresistible and the melodies are strong. Live at the Fillmore is a must-have reminder for their fans and is a deserved history of the band's work. You'll have great fun listening and watching some good time musicians at work.

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