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:: Moby - Go, The Very Best Of

At some time or another we have all heard a Moby song. Granted his music is not easy to miss, his phenomenally successful album Play had every single track used in one form of media or another. From T.V commercials to movie soundtracks, there seemed to be no barrier the album could not push through. Due to this success I was expecting ‘Go’ to be a fairly run of the mill best of, offering up all the stuff Moby was already known and loved for. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to discover a comprehensive exhibition of Moby’s work, including his earlier and less popular work. The DVD also runs in chronological order, so you get the feeling you are watching Moby as an artist grow before your eyes. Most surprising was the track ‘That’s When I Reach For My Revolver’, which showed Moby in a very different light, a grunge rocker in a grunge rock band. Although different than what we are used to seeing, I like the fact it establishes Moby as something more than a dance artist. Tracks like ‘Bodyrock’ prove that Moby has some serious turntable skills, but to pigeonhole hole into a sole dance category would be wrong. Moby writes his own music and lyrics, he plays instruments and produces. He is undoubtedly a musical force to be reckoned with. ‘Go’ is an excellent mixture of old and new, and is sure to keep just about everyone happy.