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:: Morrissey - 'Who Put The 'M' In Manchester'

Morrissey - a certified living legend. There‘s very little to be said that hasn't already. In 'Who Put The 'M’ In Manchester‘ this music icon demonstrates why that is so. In front of an ecstatic and packed home crowd, he confidently storms through the fine arsenal of tunes at his disposal. From both his solo career and his seminal Smiths days, he brandishes that familiar trademark style that has made him so popular. From the anthemic 'First Of The Gang To Die’ through crowd favourites ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’, ‘I Have Forgiven Jesus’ and ‘Jack The Ripper’ to mention but a few, he croons and swoons. He regularly interacts with the audience, often feeding on their frenzied state of euphoria, to rise and meet the expectations they place on their God like idol.

Extras include five live performances from Manchester‘s 2004 Move Festival, as well as four music videos. Perhaps the only thing it lacks (besides the magnificent 'How Soon Is Now’) is a detailed booklet to accompany the great footage being shown. If The Smiths have ever rocked your world, or you simply adore Morrissey and his brilliance, then this is a must have!

DVD Extras

- live performances from 2004 Manchester Move Festival