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:: Notorious B.I.G. - Business Instead Of The Game

With a feature length film on the same subject scheduled for US release early next year, what better way to incite some gangster vibes with Marc Ware’s documentary version of the life and tribulations of Chris Wallace aka. The Notorious B.I.G. An enigmatic character, this short documentary takes a slightly personal perspective in determining what kind of person Wallace was. The result doesn’t really insinuate anything and we are left with an amateurish effort to say the least. This documentary did no justice for the man once known as Biggie Smalls as he seems contradictory and weak in a doco which is supposed to be glorifying him. If this was really the intention, they failed. What most disappointed me is that I genuinely looked forward to seeing this as an example of culture.

I’m not sure if professional moviemakers made this or some kids down the block, I couldn’t tell. I don’t think there were any production values associated to the end result at all. It honestly seemed like someone had coupled youtube clips, a photography slide show and a lucky interview with Wallace’s mother into a 60-minute video and called it a documentary. There were also interviews from other people, who appear to have some relationship with Wallace whether it be fan based or personal based, the audience is left wondering and confused. The interviews were the only pieces of original footage and these were spoiled because we have no idea who they were. Were they just people off the street who were asked of their opinions or were they work associates? It really seems that Ware and his cronies are trying pretty hard with this doco to target the gangster rap demographic exclusively. Every rap fan would probably know who those interviewees are but for the rest of us… sorry we don’t, ya know what I’m sayin’?