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:: Various Artists - Now Summer 2007

Sick of listening to the same songs played on the radio, on the hour, every hour? Like the variety of music played on video music shows every weekend? Well open your eyes and ears to the sweet, sweet sound of music on DVD, where you have the power to choose what song you want and which song you want to scrap.

Featuring artists from right across the board, ‘Now Summer 2007’ is a great collection of the latest hits to grace our airwaves and morning TV time slots. The likes of Danni Minogue, Chingy, Bob Sinclair, Paris Hilton and 35 others flaunt their voices and good looks in glossy video clips full of scantily dressed women and guys in bling. Hits include ‘Smile’ by Lily Allen, Jet’s ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’, ‘I Love It’ by Sneaky Sound System, and a whole lot more.

The great thing behind collections like this one, or any collection of music on DVD for that matter, is that you have the opportunity to enjoy both the clips as well as the music.

Check out Nerina Pallot’s track ‘Everyone’s Going to War’. Such an amusing and imaginative film clip of ordinary people having a mock war in a supermarket. Out comes the celery machine gun, protect the trenches with bags of flour as walls and throw anything at reach at anything that moves. Anyone would love to have been a part of that!

Or for something a little more revealing (guys, this clip would interest you) watch Michael Gray and Shelly Poole’s video for ‘Borderline’ to enjoy the sight of four young women dancing around in nothing but their underwear.

The DVD is rather long (144 minutes), but great to have on while doing the housework. So it’s thumbs up all the way. Great hits, great clips, the power to choose what you listen and watch; what more could you ask for?