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:: Parkway Drive - The DVD

Australia has exported plenty of successful musical acts over the years, but one of the more surprising success stories to emerge from the hardcore scene is Byron Bay act Parkway Drive. Although having only released a couple of EPs and two full-length efforts, Parkway Drive have emerged as a big name on the international scene.As a stop-gap prior to the release of their highly anticipated third full-length album, Parkway Drive have put together their first DVD effort ‘The DVD’.

The centrepiece of this rather impressive package is the seventy minute documentary. Directed and edited by the band themselves, the documentary showcases the band’s humble origins from laid back Byron Bay, and documents their phenomenal rise to the top of the metallic hardcore scene both in Australia and overseas.

Boasting interviews with both current and former members, along with contributions from numerous other names associated with the band, ‘The DVD’ certainly examines every aspect of Parkway Drive’s intense and short career to date. But while footage of the band’s earlier gigs, the various off stage candid moments caught on camera and the tight editing help keep the documentary entertaining, it’s the band’s own story that really holds the whole thing together. Their determination to make things happen for themselves, and their humble view of their music and themselves really is something different to most band documentaries. Overall, the movie feature of ‘The DVD’ is definitely worth a watch.

Elsewhere, the band have also included a few bonus extras (running for just over nine minutes), where they discuss the song writing process, whether or not they’re metal or hardcore, their stance on drugs and some footage of what they get up to on their time off. Apart from the film, ‘The DVD’ also features the band’s full live performance at the Roundhouse in Sydney from late 2008. Professionally shot, and capturing the frantic manic energy of both the band’s stage show and the crowd moshing it up throughout, the twelve track set list (running for fifty minutes) compliments the documentary perfectly.

Overall, Parkway Drive have put together a pretty impressive package in ‘The DVD’, and one that should leave fans well and truly satisfied until their new album is finally released.

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