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:: Rage Gets Animated

Over the past forty years we have seen the evolution of the music video. Part of the development has been in the field of animation. ABC Video has extracted archives from its Rage TV programme to form a DVD comprising 38 of its notable clips. One of the first that I can remember was the classic A-Ha hit ‘Take On Me’. It featured animation that was interspersed with live action. I have never been a fan of Radiohead‘s music, except for one song, 'Paranoid Android’. It also came with a brilliant piece of animation, one of the best ever produced. Blur‘s 'Coffee And TV’ was another animated video gem. On the Australian front, Regurgitator‘s Quan Yeomans excelled himself on his band's 'Black Bugs’, creating the 3-D animation. More recently, The Dissociatives were rewarded with an ARIA Award in 2006 for the ingenuity of their music video. Overall, this DVD is an animator's delight for approximately 150 minutes and a worthwhile collection.