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:: Rush in Rio

Recorded before a 40,000-strong football stadium audience, this high-quality package displays the progressive Canadian power trio RUSH expertly running through a wide selection of tunes from their long history.

This gorgeously packed 2-DVD set is Rush In Rio, a documentation of one of the band’s performances in Brazil. While their fans have been patiently waiting to see their heroes perform, Geddy Lee (bass), Neil Peart (drums) and Alex Lifeson (guitar) had no idea that there were so many fervent fans awaiting these shows.

The one thing that struck me as amazing while viewing this DVD is the potent sound. The fact that they are all very talented musicians and extremely creative is what makes their music so inspiring for their fans.

Neil Peart is completely surrounded by percussive instruments on stage and manages to get brilliant sounds out of his equipment. Geddy Lee has one of the most distinctive voices in rock and plays the bass and keyboards with model professionalism. Alex Lifeson is an amazingly gifted guitar player. He is quite a hunorous chap as well, as shown on the added backstage and behind the scenes footage. Geddy Lee commented in an interview that he was not a methodical player but an instinctive one, which is a huge compliment.

Twenty-eight songs is quite a lot of music and they offer up a nice career-spanning set for the massive throng in Brazil. The videos playing in the background on some of songs are entertaining and so is the laser show.

Along with the main event on Disc one, there are plenty of bonus features with backstage and additional concert footage on Disc two to make this a real collection piece. If you are a progressive rock fan or simply a Rush fan, it is worthwhile checking out this DVD. It's one of the best valued packages you'll see all year.

DVD Extras

  • Documentary by video director and longtime Rush photographer Andrew MacNaughton that includes band interviews as well as rare rehearsal and backstage footage
  • Multi-angle viewing options on “La Villa Strangiato,” “YYZ” and “O Baterista”
  • Easter eggs: “By-Tor & The Snow Dog” cartoon created specifically for the tour and an extremely rare live performance from 1975 of “Anthem” that was recently discovered in the Rush vault

The highlight is the 45-minute documentary called The Boys in Brazil, shot by MacNaughton. It's mostly footage shot in between the three Brazil shows, which can be boring at times. Other times it's hysterical, like when the three are talking to the camera.

There are also comments from fans, some of them crying at how happy they are that the band finally showed up. Sepultura, Brazil's most successful musical export, are interviewed and they offer much praise to Rush.

In addition, there are some sit-down interviews by the three Rush members.

There are also two hidden Easter eggs, including a 1975 video and a cartoon that played during “By-Tor & The Snow Dog.”