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:: Scissor Sisters - We Are Scissor Sisters And So Are You

This is a terrific initial DVD for a group that will leave a positive impression for fans and general music lovers. The Scissor Sisters emerged as one of the best new bands of 2004. The uplifting vibes contained in the band’s self-titled album are well translated into the live show and it’s backed with new and exclusive tracks. The DVD will give you a good all-round feel for what they have to offer, with videos, a documentary ‘Return To Oz’, and an exclusive 4-play film where they dress up as characters from The Wizard Of Oz. The documentary is quite riveting, in that it shows never before seen early footage of Scissor Sisters performing on the New York club circuit. They also meet Bono and Kylie Minogue. The doco is directed by Julien Temple (he did The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle).

The band has had a great time travelling the world over the past twelve months and one of their August live shows, at the Brighton Dome in England, is great viewing on this DVD. They have their own way of entertaining and the wide screen viewing can make a huge difference.

The DVD also includes all of Scissor Sisters music promos including the rare original video for Laura. And you can catch a live performance of ‘Music Is The Victim’ filmed live in Benicassim in the summer which features Jake Shears wearing only a towel. He brings across his unique personality and there is also great interaction with the crowd. In turn, the crowd responds amazingly.

Overall, the DVD is a terrific production (expressive close-up shots and wide angled live shots), with the excellent menu and packed content. The band is catchy and flamboyant, providing much energy that has to be consumed. It is essential for fans.

DVD Extras

Exclusive band documentary
Rare 4-play film
Full live concert
All videos

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