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:: Silverstein - Decade (Live At The El Mocambo)

With 2010 marking the tenth anniversary of Canadian based emo-post-hardcore outfit Silverstein, the five piece act decided to put together something special for fans. Instead of putting together a best-of compilation, the band decided to play a four night stretch at the El Mocambo Theatre in Toronto, with each night dedicated entirely to performing each of their studio albums in their entirety. Capturing each night was film director Robby Starbuck, who then went back into the studio to hand pick the best of the band’s performances over the four night stretch, to finally present fans of Silverstein with their first official live CD/DVD package ‘Decade (Live At The El Mocambo)’.

Despite the fact that this live DVD was filmed with only three cameras, ‘Decade (Live At The El Mocambo)’ is actually quite well shot, and gives the live performances a realistic and vibrant feel on the screen. On the sound front, things are even more impressive (Despite the odd mistake from the band themselves), with Starbuck’s production sounding crystal clear, without sounding overproduced or lacking in atmosphere due to a lack of crowd participation in the mix.

Set list wise, the seventeen songs that make up the track listing on the DVD (as opposed to the CD, which features twenty-two songs) is evenly spread over the band’s four full-length albums, with most of their favourites making an appearance. Given the strength of the performances, highlights are dotted throughout all the shows. But performances worthy of a special mention include ‘Smashed Into Pieces’ (From 2003’s ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’), ‘Discovering The Waterfront’, the acoustic rendition of ‘My Heroine’ (From 2005’s ‘Discovering The Waterfront’), ‘Still Dreaming’, ‘Already Dead’ (From 2007’s ‘Arrivals & Departures’), ‘Vices’ and ‘American Dream’ (All from 2009’s ‘A Shipwreck In The Sand’).

Aside from the live show itself, there’s plenty of interview footage of the band themselves recounting the stories behind their rise to success and the music they’ve made in their ten years together, along with additional interviews with Silverstein fans, Told’s parents and musician friends of the band themselves. As a real bonus, the DVD also features all of the band’s ten promotional video clips to date.

Overall, ‘Decade (Live At The El Mocambo)’ is an innovative way for the band to celebrate their tenth anniversary, and just the sort of release that fans will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish. If you’re a fan of Silverstein, then this really is a must have.

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