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:: Steve Miller Band: Live From Chicago (2-DVD set + CD)

Steve Miller has been another of the enduring performers from the past forty years. The Steve Miller Band has sold more than 25 million copies of 21 albums. This is the band's first live performance DVD release. Live From Chicago is a two-DVD + CD set that captures the band's performances at the 2007 Rivinia Festival (a virtual 40th anniversary set), and recaptures Miller's early musical education on Chicago's South Side.

Chicago is where, as Miller tells us in the “autobiomentary” that is part of this set, he got his “masters and doctorate degrees in bluesology” as he was developing his musical chops back in the '60s. Therefore, Chicago has special meaning for Miller, and fitting for this release.

The performance opens with the band's signature song, “Fly Like An Eagle,” made especially interesting with extended instrumental bridges and an unexpected rap version of the lyrics by keyboardist Joseph Wooten. The crowd seemed to warm to the surprising beginning. Other Miller standout songs, such as “Take The Money And Run”, and "The
Joker“ get the more traditional treatment, with some subtle but effective electronic enhancements that weren't available when the songs were originally recorded. The band's last big hit, "Abracadabra” is cleverlyspeeded up in a superb arrangement. The live performance disc has 20 songs in all, recorded during two shows. Miller and band are a close
knit group musically, and that appears to carry over to their personal interaction as well.

The second DVD in the set features an interview with Miller - shot while driving around the streets of the South Side between performances. Few of the places where he spent time are still there, but there are enough still photos and archival film footage to fill in the gaps. The “bonus” CD contains twelve of Miller's personal favorites from the Rivinia
performances. It is a nice addition to the package.

‘Live From Chicago’ draws on the very best elements of his melodic back catalogue, and showcases his golden vocal harmonies which have always been such an integral part of his unique radio friendly sound. Miller's guitar work is as smooth and precise as ever and his voice has aged well. Although it's a little harder to hit the high notes now, the years
have added more richness and control to his vocals. If you are fan of blues rock, the Steve Miller style, then you should add Live From Chicago to your collection.