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:: The Clash - Rude Boy/Punk In London - 2DVD set

Punk was mostly about attitude. The Sex Pistols were a manufactured band created by Malcolm McLaren in svengali role. Their musical and social skills were borderline.

The Clash was a real band with an articulate front man in Joe Strummer, leaving The Clash locked in their time zone as the key band of the era.

This is a 2 DVD set - ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Punk In London’. ‘Rude Boy’ is a pseudo documentary of a Clash Tour. We see the events through the life and perspective of Ray the Roadie who is either in the process of getting drunk / stoned or passed out / recovering. It is truly gritty and includes memorable footage of the Clash in action.

‘Punk in London’ is a collection of videos covering a number of bands of the era - including some of the lessor lights such as X-Ray Spex and the Subway Sect. The music is loud, manic and fiercely idealistic. It is truly engaging and both DVD's are well worth viewing.

DVD Extras

Legendary 1980 fictional documentary plus interviews, deleted scenes and more.
Also includes unique compilation featuring The Clash, Boomtown Rats, The Jam, X-Ray Spex, Wayne County and others.