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:: The Whitlams: The Whitlams Years 1992-2004

It‘s been quite a remarkable and tumultuous journey for NSW band The Whitlams. Led by Tim Freedman they have endeared themselves around the country and scored great success and provide terrific live entertainment. Tim is the sole survivor of the Whitlams’ indie and major label career, one which has known tragedy with the death of founding member Stevie Plunder and exceptional success with the subsequent, best selling and highly awarded Eternal Nightcap album of 1998. The whole story of The Whitlams is told on this DVD package, The Whitlams Years 1992 - 2004. It is a detailed document of the band's life, an exhaustive 2-DVD package, loaded with documentary and concert footage.

The first DVD contains a complete catalogue of film clips, interactive discography and timeline, and documentaries and behind the scenes tour footage. There is six hours of footage on this disc alone.

The second DVD presents their ‘Torch The Moon’ album launch of 2002, shot over three nights at Sydney’s Metro Theatre.

DVD Extras

 Over 4 hours of footage
 53 Whitlams songs
 Live At The Sydney Metro concert
 8 Documentaries
 Rare early live footage
 Interviews and behind the scenes
 Music videos with commentary by Tim Freedman
 Interactive timeline with every gig
 Family tree of band members
 Bonus wallpapers and screensavers