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:: Triple J Hottest 100

From its beginnings in 1989, Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown has grown into an institution. With the advent of DVDs over the past few years, the time was right for Triple J to release their first Hottest 100 DVD.
This DVD has highlights from the countdown of 2002 in an audio/video sense. Videos featured include Coldplay, Silverchair, The Vines, The Living End, 1200 Techniques’ great video for “Karma”, Grinspoon, Pacifier, Ben Lee, Bodyjar, and the No.1 hit of the year from Queens Of The Stone Age titled “No One Knows”. The question that could be posed is “Why are there only 32 clips?”

Unfortunately Triple J sees fit to profile their announcers by allowing them to introduce the film clips and they are just a nuisance and detract from the worthiness of the DVD. There could have been some “other extras” thrown in as well.

Being a strong compilation, it is a good way to relive some fine moments of 2002.