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:: Various Artists - Max Sessions Vol.1

Some of Australia's favourite performers have taken part in a series of intimate shows titled the Max Sessions, which is run by MAX television on its pay-TV service. It's a great opportunity for music lovers to take a close look at several of the live songs played by artists such as Missy Higgins, The Finn Brothers, Paul Kelly, The Cat Empire, and Alex Lloyd.

Usually held in a small auditorium, such as the Sydney Opera House auditorium or one of the smaller stages within the Victorian Arts Centre precinct, there have been some superb events. This DVD captures those particular moments. I had the privilege of seeing the Finn Brothers' performance in Melbourne and one of the lasting memories was to see the late Paul Hester get back on stage with his mates for a couple of numbers.

The bonus section features some of the Q&A sessions which normally take place during a break in the middle of each artost's set. The audience have the opportunity to ask some questions. Missy Higgins is one artist who spoke frankly about her place in the music scene and talks of some “what if” scenarios.

All in all, it's a terrific compilation to what hopefully becomes a “must have” series of Volumes.

DVD Extras

Q & A session with Missy Higgins, Cat Empire and Kasey Chambers