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:: Wave Aid - The Tsunami Relief Concert

Wave Aid, a Tsunami relief concert, was held this year on January 29 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Many of the forces of the Australian music scene - promoters, performers, technical staff, and a great public response - brought about this great occasion in Australian live event history.

Waveaid - The DVD" is a terrific souvenir of a significant event for people who experienced the occasion in Sydney. It contains in excess of three hours of footage and is yet another great opportunity for us to donate and assist the victims of the Tsunami disaster.

Covering two DVDs, the set opens with some songs from The Waifs, followed by the popular Missy Higgins and Nick Cave. The acoustic set is a real treat, comprising contributions from Pete Murray and The Finn Brothers.

The music becomes more electric with the presence of the Wrights (a supergroup of sorts), who performed Stevie Wright’s classic ‘Evie’. Silverchair, complete with piercings, deliver a taut five-song set that includes ‘The Greatest View’ and ‘The Door’. Meanwhile, Powderfinger are in good form with ‘My Happiness’, ‘Passenger’ and ‘These Days’.

The gig belongs to everybody, but the standout for many in attendance was the performance by Midnight Oil who take no prisoners and deliver a barnstorming set. It rounded up an historic and poignant occasion.


Crazy Train - The Waifs
London Still - The Waifs
Lighthouse - The Waifs
This Is How It Goes - Missy Higgins
Casualty - Missy Higgins
Scar - Missy Higgins
The Ship Song - Nick Cave
Barricades & Brickwalls - Kasey Chambers
Pony - Kasey Chambers
Not Pretty Enough - Kasey Chambers
Fall Your Way - Pete Murray
Lines - Pete Murray
Feeler - Pete Murray
Weather With You - Finn Brothers
Won't Give In - Finn Brothers
Throw Your Arms Around Me - Finn Brothers
Evie Part I - The Wrights
Evie Part II - The Wrights
Evie Part III - The Wrights
Peaches & Cream - John Butler Trio
Treat Yo Mama - John Butler Trio
Hello - John Butler Trio
Betterman - John Butler Trio
Zebra - John Butler Trio

Israel's Son - Silverchair
Without You - Silverchair
Ana's Song - Silverchair
The Greatest View - Silverchair
The Door - Silverchair
Bless My Soul - Powderfinger
My Happiness - Powderfinger
Passenger - Powderfinger
These Days - Powderfinger
(Baby I've Got You) On My Mind - Powderfinger
Read About It - Midnight Oil
Power & The Passion - Midnight Oil
Say Your Prayers - Midnight Oil
Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil
The Dead Heart - Midnight Oil
Forgotten Years - Midnight Oil
Best Of Both Worlds - Midnight Oil

DVD Extras

Making Wave Aid Happen (a documentary covering backstage interviews with promoters and artists, and the press conference that announced the event)