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:: Yes - Fragile


Jon Anderson (vocals),
Chris Squire (bass guitars, vocals),
Steve Howe (guitars, vocals),
Bill Bruford (drums, percussion),
Rick Wakeman (organ, grand piano, electric piano, harpsichord, mellotron, synthesizer)

One could say that the “Fragile” album by Yes was one of the hottest albums in the cycle known as Progressive rock of the 1970s. This DVD-Audio is a welcome reminder of their spirited musical talent in which they blended as a cohesive unit. The album remains a classic to keen students of music from that era and the familiar hits and experimental pieces are neatly compiled through the bounds of a DVD, especially for surround sound. The uniqueness of this album is brought out beautifully in an exciting manner. They redefined rock in some ways with their orchestral bursts. The crescendos and subtlety of “Roundabout” kick starts the album beautifully. All the band members are in their element and it is breathtaking. Rick Wakeman shows his keyboard artistry on “Cans And Brahms”, an adaptation of Brahms 4th Symphony in E Minor. This is a great solo performance and demonstrated why Wakeman was a larger-than-life character in music back then and helped elevate the band’s standing.

Throughout the tracks you get an idea of the tightness of Yes and how each performer has a chance to showcase their own expertise. “Long Distance Runaround” was another of their big hits and you hear singer Ian Anderson at his best.

For a desire to purchase a DVD-Audio title, you can hardly go past this superb album. The mix is brilliantly crisp and it shows Yes in a fantastic performance in what was seen as their breakthrough.
The disc's quality also speaks volumes about the potential of the DVD-Audio format.

This disc also provides a nicely designed and animated menu scheme that
fully adheres to the spirit of Yes. The menus allow you to choose from
the various audio mixes that you desire. Also available as extras are a
photo galley, lyrics and a band timeline (that only leads up to this
album, not beyond). This disc also includes a bonus track, America. The
disc comes in an oversized super jewel case with an impressive insert
booklet. The booklet contains original artwork, an interview, expanded
liner notes and photos as well as standard track listings and credits.

DVD Extras

Photo gallery and lyrics
Band timeline 1968-1972
Liner notes insert booklet
Bonus track ‘America’