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:: Yes - Yes Acoustic: Guaranteed No Hiss

As a way of promoting the theatrical release of their documentary ‘Yesspeak’, progressive rock legends Yes (who reunited with their classic line up of vocalist/guitarist Jon Anderson, guitarist/vocalist Steve Howe, bassist/vocalist Chris Squire, keyboardist Rick Wakeman and drummer Alan White) gathered together in L.A. on January 26, 2004 to perform a live acoustic set, which was beamed out via satellite to over fifty movie theatres across the U.S. following the conclusion of the movie, all of which was caught on film.

Finally getting a long overdue local release two years after its initial screening, ‘Yes Acoustic: Guaranteed No Hiss’ captures Yes’ intimate six track acoustic performance in its entirety, along with some previously unseen footage of the band rehearsing prior to the main event.

The film starts up with the band still making some last minute adjustments with a somewhat lengthy five-minute soundcheck, and while its a little cringe worthy in places, they’re soon forgiven with their stunning rendition of the classic ‘Long Distance Runaround’ (from 1971’s ‘Fragile’). Anderson’s vocals still sounds amazing, while the interaction of all involved on the musician front is nothing short of superb.

Reworked versions of ‘South Side Of The Sky’ (where Wakeman’s piano performance and Howe’s slide work really stand out) and ‘Roundabout’ further represent the classics from ‘Fragile’, while Anderson’s own ‘Show Me’ is given a worthy makeover as a Yes song. Finishing up the performance is ‘Time Is Time’ and a solid rendition of ‘I’ve Seen All Good People’.

Making up for the rather short (thirty-seven minute) main feature is the twenty-four minute ‘behind the scenes’ feature ‘The Unseen Footage’, where Wakeman hilariously details the rehearsals, the audio dramas and the somewhat disjointed working habits of the members of Yes. Also included are six cinema trailers for the film ‘Yesspeak’, all of which vary little from one another, and therefore unessential.

‘Yes Acoustic: Guaranteed No Hiss’ on its own is an interesting and rare insight to Yes in an acoustic frame of mind, but at just a little over an hour long in total a little short given the asking price. For better value for your money, it’s best to keep an eye out for the import version that also includes ‘Yesspeak’.

DVD Extras

All of the trailers for Yesspeak and Yes Acoustic as they were aired in the USA.

Yes Acoustic….The Unseen Footage - Yes Acoustic was transmitted live, but the band had been in the studio all day rehearsing….this is a ‘behind the scenes’look at what happened before they went ‘live’.
Narrated by Rick Wakeman

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