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:: Spotlight :: Australian Music Week 2005

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Australian Music Week 2005 is set to bring Melbourne alive this summer between February 22 -26, 2005

Michael Chugg, Australian Music Week President said: “How appropriate that an eclectic city such as Melbourne, which is internationally respected in music and the arts, should be responsible for hosting an event as unique as Australian Music Week (AMW). AMW will thrive as always in this atmosphere, in particular in the heart of the city.”

For the first time Australian Music Week extends throughout the Melbourne city centre, with much of the conference and artist showcase program taking place in some of Melbourne’s most renowned bars and venues. As always it will feature forums with Australian and international guest speakers, musician master classes, mentor sessions and networking parties. In 2005, it will be the first year that attendees will have the option to purchase tickets to individual sessions for just $22.00, allowing for those interested in a couple of specific elements of the conference, as well as music industry executives.

“Here is an event where the music world unites.” Says Event Director, Colleen Zulian. “It is an amazing forum to bring together musicians, young aspiring artists and industry professionals. There is no major Australian event like it for people who are serious about music.”

The 2005 Australian Music Week is again to include the largest showcase program in the country, exposing Australian talent to both the Australian and International markets. Local and international unsigned acts will showcase their talents to top music industry professionals from Australia and around the world. The winners of the 2005 showcase program will receive a return flight for one representative to attend Austin Texas during the SXSW music conference.

Showcase applications and conference registrations are now being accepted on the AMW website. Applications close December 31, 2004.
Please visit the official website to apply.

Conference Program

Thursday, February 24
Conference – Back To Basic Music Business Education
Venue: ACMI Federation Square
Session 1: Getting your career started - 10am to 12noon
Session 2: The Australian Record Companies - 1pm to 3pm

Friday, February 25
Conference – Online and Copyright Music Business Education
Venue: ACMI Federation Square
Session 3: Online Marketing and Distribution - 11am to 1pm
Session 4: Copyright - 1pm to 3pm
Conference – Festivals, Touring and Video’s .
Venue: Ding Dong
Session 5: Festivals in Australia / Regional and National Touring - 11am to 12noon
Session 6: European & USA Touring - 2pm to 3pm
Session 7: Yahoo Opportunities - 3.15pm to 4.15pm
Session 8: Video Production - 4.15pm to 5.15pm

Saturday, February 26
Conference – Networking, Publishing, Radio, Film and Television
Venue: Ding Dong
Session 9: Networking – Not What you Know but Who. - 11am to 12noon
Session 10: Jamatronics presents ‘The Thummer’ - 2pm to 3pm
Session 11: Film and Television - 3.15pm to 4.15pm
Session 12: Radio - 4.15pm to 5.15pm

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