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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Amy Pearson

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Singer/songwriter Amy Pearson is a talented artist who decided to move from England to live in Australia. She has a sparkling personality and her infectious rock/pop style and soulful delivery has now produced her debut album “Who I Am”. Amy's debut album is an introduction to a young lady whose destiny - fuelled by a globe-trotting twist of fate and her unique flair - finds her as an international star on the rise. Her song “Ready To Fly” is being used by Australia's Seven Network on its Olympic Games TV coverage. Whilst in Sydney recently, I managed to meet up with Amy for a chat about her career so far.

Tell us about the move to Australia?

I moved to Australia from London when I was 19 years old. A SonyBMG representative there said that I should move to Australia where they would sign me up and I could start work on an album. It was tough leaving family and friends but I was excited to start a career in Australia. It gave me much to write about – about letting go, etc – and that forms the basis for the current album.

How was the transition to the Australian way of life?

It took about six months to find my feet here and to make new friends – and to get my head around everything that had happened. But this was the opportunity that I wanted.

You had a good early response to the first couple of singles…

Yes, the singles did really well. It was exciting hearing my songs on the radio.

“Ready To Fly” was the standout song and was subsequently chosen by the Seven Network for its Olympic Games coverage…

I wrote the song four years ago and I am now glad to be singing it for a new purpose. I’ve performed it for some Olympics parties, particularly for sponsors.

Tell us about the shooting of the video?

It was a great thing going to China. The ides of the video is going from the old world to the new. To see another country like that was phenomenal. It was all over very quickly though as we did the video in just a couple of days.

Would going to East Timor, as part of the Armed Forces Entertainment program, be the highlight of your career so far?

Yes, it is definitely my career highlight. It was an amazing experience. I was a bit anxious before I left.

You went on the tour following the Tania Zaetta scandal…

Yes, I went on the following trip and it was mentioned nearly all of the time we were there. I tried my best to ignore it. But I loved the tour. There was one day at one of the bases and I just sang without music, and all the guys just watched. I almost forgot where I was. But the troops just wanted to listen and I just wanted to sing. It was a natural exchange and it gave me an extra feeling about singing in a basic sense.

Did you see much of the equipment?

Yes, I went in an Army helicopter and talked to the troops about their lives. I also went inside a tank. I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

Do you agree that it is a good time for female singing talent in Australia now?

Yes, many good female singers are doing well. It’s a change back to the real singer-songwriter quality. It’s become organic again.

Your album “Who I Am” was released recently. What would you like listeners to get from the songs?

I would like the listeners to be able to relate to the album and that it touches their lives. For me, it was a diary of what I was going through. When I moved here I didn’t have many people to talk to, and you can sense that in songs like “Stranded” and “Don’t You Give Up”. I try to write music with a positive aspect to it. I hope to make girls feel good about themselves.

What have you learned about yourself in the music industry?

I have learned so much about myself. I was blown away by all the clothes, making videos, and being asked for an autograph. Then, when I went to East Timor or doing any charity gigs, I realise how much I love singing. I’m part of the way to making my dream come true. I’ve grown up a lot – learning a fair bit about the industry, which has given me strength.

Tell us about your fashion interests?

I love clothes and have particularly liked Rachel Gilbert’s designs. I like to wear Australian designers. Others I like are Ruth Tarvydas and Collette Dinnigan.

Do you have any health/beauty tips?

Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, and accentuate what you have, instead of trying to recreate something that you don’t have. Just be what you are.

What are your latest musical influences?

I still like Prince, but I have been listening to Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and Kelly Rowland’s new music. Kelly and Beyonce are strong females in the pop world and it’s something I’m striving for.

Amy Pearson’s album “Here I Am” is out now through SonyBMG.

Amy will be the special guest at the Decjuba Girls’ Day Out at Flemington racecourse on September 6