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:: Spotlight :: Spotlight on young Californian singer April Kae

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

April Kae is a dazzling singer who reveals a distinctively modern pop-dance edge, yet has a connection to the classic soul music that inspired her with her powerful voice. The sultry Californian is setting the scene ablaze with her insatiable new single, “Love Bomb”. Parading vocal chops as golden as her summery locks, April puts forth another effortless smash that’s yearning for summertime rotation. “Love Bomb” is available for purchase now on iTunes.

“Love Bomb” contains rhythmic R&B bass lines and modern pop-friendly guitar licks that graciously transport April’s fierce vocal melodies through the song. Produced and co-written by Justin J (alongside April), the song’s lyrics are poetic and hard-hitting, combining to make for a great listen when her liquid smooth voice is paired with equally harmonic orchestration. April impressed earlier this year with the hypnotic choruses of her first single, “Writings on the Wall” and I had an opportunity to chat to her about her career to date.

Tell us about your beginnings in music and if you come from a family background in music?

Not much of a family background. Only my grandma played cello and violin. I just started singing from a young age. When I got to high school I began to enter singing competitions and people then told me I should do it as a career.

Was there a particular style of music you wanted to pursue?

I always had a passion for soul music and that’s the direction I headed in. I started to write many songs along those lines.

Have there been certain singers that you’ve admired and that influence your style?

I have always loved the music of Mariah Carey and Beyonce, plus I’ve grown to like Jessie J also.

Your voice has much scope to deliver various musical styles. Can you see yourself expanding that in the future?

I do like to mix up the styles and I’m sure I’ll learn to become more versatile in showcasing different sides of my personality.

Tell us about working with Bob Brockman?

Bob Brockman has been wonderful to me as a support for my career. I’m pretty lucky to have worked with him and hope to work consistently with him on my album and into the future.

Are you planning on doing more live shows later on?

Yes, I want to do more shows and that means putting together a band for live performances. Because I like doing songs in different ways – acoustically and electronically – I definitely want to perform more.

What's it like being an independent musician here in California?

Being an independent artist here can be good and bad. On one hand, you have the freedom and control. Yet, you need to gain your own funding. The resources are what you miss when not signed to a major label.

Tell us on the importance of the Internet for you?

The Internet is really important. It’s a whole new world and I need to become better at marketing myself.

You went through the American Idol television experience. What did you learn from that?

I learned as lot from the American Idol experience, especially about myself. The people were very supportive. You need to be yourself, but to try and be the best version of yourself. In terms of singing, it was an amazing feeling. In talking to the general public, there can be a stigma attached to American Idol and the “selling out” factor, but it was a worthwhile opportunity.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

My plan is to concentrate on writing a lot of songs this year. The future just involves the continual cycle of writing, performing and promoting.

What other things do you like to do?

I also love acting, so movie roles would be something to strive for too. I’m also into animal rights and I love riding horses as a big passion.

Love Bomb is out now through iTunes

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