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:: Spotlight :: Atomic Hooligan Interview

By: courtesy of Beat Broker

Renowned for smashing up venues worldwide with their energetic 6 Dex & FX show, Atomic Hooligan (Terry Hooligan and Matt Welsh) know a thing or two about dancefloor destruction. The red-hot pair recently teamed up with Music Menu stable buddy Jay Cunning to deliver the fifth instalment in Functional’s famed ‘Beatz & Bobz’ series. We caught up with Atomic’s Terry after his recent tour of Oz.

You just returned from a tour of Oz. How was it?

It was a top notch trip. I love Oz, who doesn’t? Perth is definitely my favourite city over there - I play for Gully at Backbeat when I’m there. But everywhere was banging this time. It was my first time playing in Brisbane, which is also a top spot.

There are some brilliantly brain-spangling tunes on ‘Beatz & Bobz vol.5’ - which ones float your boat the most?

Yeah, we loved putting it together. For me, it was all the menu tunes really But the track that stands out most for me is Ghetto Blaster by SOTO. They are our label partners on Botchit, and this is real departure in style from their regular stuff. It’s a killer!

The mix is a superb arse-kicker, which appears squarely aimed at the dancefloor. Do you ever have time for the chinstrokers or do you like to rock it all the way?

Both, we don’t actively try and keep the chin strokers happy, but the reaction from them is usually good. We go for the dancefloor; we are interested in people moving their limbs. We want everyone on the floor.

Today‘s music climate in undoubtedly quite fragile, with many music fans choosing to download free 'live sets’ instead of investing in a mix compilation. Do you ever approach the mixing of a new comp with any sort of trepidation?

You can only do what you can do. You obviously have to keep the overheads down, but that’s cool, with the abundance of good new music and producers, you can do that. It keeps the format on its toes, so we will always just do what we do, and if people like it, they will cop it.

Of their partnership with each other, psy trance duo Skazi recently said, “We eat the same food, f**k the same girls and breathe the same air.” Does this resonate with you? How would you describe your partnership with Matt?

That’s a typical hippy thing to say As my understanding goes, all psy trance DJs eat is tofu. Just kidding! Na, we are very much separate entities, but we work well together. I’m actually on the phone with Matt right now. We compliment each other’s differences.

Your 6 dex & FX show is legendary. How long did it take you to develop it and how much continuing practice does it require to kill it, time and time again?

It really only took one time for us to connect with that. And honestly, we don’t practice, it’s all off the cuff every time. And that’s not trying to big ourselves up, but we find there’s more spontaneity when we don’t practice. Practice can be overkill.

Production wise, what‘s coming up next for you both? When can we expect a follow-up to your 'You are here’ album?

Yeah, working on that now, hopefully it will see the light of day early next year in 2007. Plus we’ve just finished a remix for ‘ill’ for his new album, which is my favourite thing we’ve done in years – love it. Plus we’ve done loads more remixes – too many really. I hardly have any spare time at all. [laughs]

What non-breakbeat related music have you been digging lately?

Hip Hop! Always have and always will be a b-boy. My heart belongs to the boom bap. I love a whole heap of music; Cage, R.A, The Rugged Man, the Ill Bill album, Apahthys and Copyrighte’s new CDs. I also love the new Danger Doom album and the Gorillaz are still killing it also.

Any major goals for 2006? Share!

Go to the gym - I eat too much fast food on the road. And professionally, finish the new album and get at least one more mix CD. And of course return to Australia as soon as possible.