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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Borne

By: Nathaniel Delaney

I had the great opportunity of chatting to Australian artist, Cameron Tapp, from the band Borne. Borne has recently released an album titled “Loss Of Signal”, which features eleven terrific songs. Borne's music has a unique sound, with similarities to the great British band Coldplay, and they have recently returned from a tour in the UK. When asked about this touring experience, Cameron said, “It was incredible; so full on. We went to major festivals like the AAPT Wireless concert and my favourite, Hyde Park”.

Cameron said the time spent on tour was great for character building. But what got Cameron through his tour, and of course his music career was the influence on his music. “My biggest influence on music would have to be the one and only Ray LaMontagne. He has such an amazing voice. When I listen to his songs it almost brings tears to my eyes”.

Cameron was asked where and when did your musical talents begin. “Well, it all started in primary school when I was a young tacker, I loved my music. And I would do anything to create it. Like hitting paint tins together bashing things around just to get a beat. I was infatuated with music, and especially the beat of drums. If I didn't get the chance to play drums in the music room I would go crazy all day.”

Cameron lived in London for about six years when he was just beginning his music career, and let us in on an exclusive funny moment. “I was on a surfing trip, and was hitch-hiking to the New Key on the Cornish coast, staying in Wend Beers in the village when we were in a bar as a group of guys cornered us, thinking we were hitting on their girlfriends. It was just me and my mate, onto about seven guys. We knew we had no chance to get out of this, when all of a sudden I saw this homeless guy who had a guitar. So I thought about it, and I grabbed his guitar and started singing "No Women No Guy” by Bob Marley. And out of nowhere the situation changed, they stopped, and offered us drinks and even smokes! And we all started singing."

Cameron says it's all about music. It can change a lot of things in life. I asked Cameron what is the best aspect of your music career, and he replied, “The best aspect of my music career would have to be the amount of amazing people I meet and work with, and the beauty of people. It's just unbelievable. Like the feeling of post-gig bliss!” Cameron gave us some tips for artists and bands wanting to get into the music industry as a career. He said, “Don't do it for the money or fame. Fame is an invented word of other people's perception of what you are. Do it for the love of music. I do, and I love every moment of it.”

The question most artists get asked is, “What do you know that you didn't at the age of 18?” Cameron took a shot at it, and said, “Remember this, women are always right. And if you want music as a career, there's a very important part of the industry you must understand, and that's the business and creative element of music.”

Borne are set for a national tour in late August and throughout September. Be sure to catch the lively band at a venue near you.

Here are their tour dates.

Wednesday, August 22 - Iron Bar, Port Douglas, QLD
Thursday, August 23 - The Loft, Warrnambool, VIC
Thursday, August 30 - Freemasons Hotel, Geraldton, WA
Friday, August 31 - Leopold Hotel, Bicton, WA
Saturday, September 1 - Civic Hotel, Inglewood, WA
Sunday, September 2 - Ravenswood Hotel, Ravenswood, WA
Wednesday, September 5 - Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Thursday, September 6 - Step Inn, Fortitude Valley, QLD
Friday, September 7 - Sands Tavern, Maroochydore, QLD
Sunday, September 9 - Shark Bar @ Miami Tavern, Gold Coast, QLD
Friday, September 14 - Bombay Rock, Townsville, QLD
Saturday, September 15 - Main St Nightclub, Mackay, QLD
Wednesday, September 19 - Lamby's Bar, Geelong, VIC
Thursday, September 20 - Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC
Friday, September 21 - Ruby's Lounge, Belgrave, VIC
Saturday, September 22 - Riverview Hotel, Tarwin Lower, VIC

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