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:: Spotlight :: Creech interview

By: Lisa Rodrigues

Bands come from all over Australia to thrive in the Melbourne scene. Some even come from much farther away. Creech originally hails from the UK, where they toured regularly and released an EP. When the band moved to Melbourne, all the members left but one, and their style changed from punk to pure rock, they decided to keep that name. Creech launched their first EP “Take It All” with this lineup at the Duke of Windsor recently.

I met with Ash (lead guitar), Roddy Scarr (drums) and Taz Cebula (vocals and lead). They're relaxed and in a jovial mood, which surprises me. The inside album cover of Creech has a picture of them against a graffitied wall. Black t-shirts, ripped jeans, Taz's serious stare into the camera, and the stage names they adopt indicate a band that takes their rise to the top seriously. And they do, but they manage to balance this without destroying the fun that makes it worthwhile.

Taz Cebula is the last remaining member of the original line-up and explains the history of the band. “The band Creech has been around for six years, but one and a half years with this lineup.” The previous band members left for other things not because of personal issues with each other, but due to life circumstances and ‘tragedy’ that he doesn't go into. Taz writes the lyrics and the songs, and spends increasing amounts of time on the impressive artwork developed for the website, posters etc. Although each musician writes their own parts, it definitely seems like Creech is Taz's baby.

When asked to describe their sound, I get a variety of answers. Taz says “Catchy, ballsy, poppy rock” and Roddy says “The power of Black Sabbath with the catchiness of the Beatles” (Roddy doubles as a rock writer) while Ash merely says “Indescribable.”

Creech work carefully on their image, well-aware that despite the ‘no rules’ mantra of rock, looks can make a difference. Roddy says “We do work on our look.” and Taz adds “When we first got together we looked like a bunch of twats.”

I ask how they feel they fit into the Melbourne music scene. “We don't fit into the Melbourne scene at all. Not many bands we find are doing something similar to us… imagine heavy, imagine pop. We're right in the middle.” Roddy expands “We can play with any guitar band.” They assure me they're definitely not punk, and Roddy adds “I wouldn't have joined the band if it were punk.”

Considering the original Creech's beginnings are in punk, I ask about the contradictory influences in the band. They are cited from as far as grunge to glam rock to metal. Taz says “We all like each other's (influences) but they just come together” and Roddy adds “We all have common ground.”

The band members had never met before playing together and met through Taz's ads requesting musicians. Despite this, Taz says there is little conflict in their band. Ash puts in “Sometimes (there is) … Somethimes I hate Andy's lyrics” (Meaning Taz). Ash is the designated brat of the group, the youngest and most rebellious to the self-styled image the group projects. At this stage of their careers, however, this is just part of the fun.