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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Darren Emerson

By: Sabine Brix

Darren Emerson is one of the most influential figures in dance music - after a career spanning more than 17 years and counting. When a friend introduced him to Rick Smith and Karl Hyde, his place as a DJ/Producer was cemented into Underworld. Although Underworld had been his passion for many years, it was time in 2000 to branch out; expand his DJíng, and to work with producers he was meeting on his travels across the world.

March 2009 saw the release of Darren's third Global Underground mix CD recorded in Bogota, Colombia. Plans for the coming year include more club tracks and a worldwide tour to promote the compilation. The double CD is out now through Stomp Records and it contains luxurious rhythmic melodies, featuring Underworld, Josh Wink, Pete Heller, Darren Emerson, Anja Schneider, Kerri Chandler, Nikitin & Semikashev, John Selway and Spirit Catcher.

Sabine Brix caught up with Darren for a brief chat.

Q. What has influenced your track selection for the Bogotá GU 36 CD?

A. The track listing had to be handed in three months before release so I had to make sure that all the music was very upfront. It was slightly restrictive and I had to call in a few favours from producer friends of mine to get hold of their latest material. When selecting the music I had the club in mind, working out what would go down well on the night, as well as sound good on the CD.

Q. What is your schedule like after this CD? Are you touring off the back of it?

A. Yes, there’s been a world tour organised to promote the compilation. I’ve just come back from touring the States which was nice because I hadn’t been there for a while. Next few weeks I’m focusing on Europe and then off to Asia and hopefully Australia towards the end of the year.

Q. How would you describe this latest release for fans? Would you describe it as having more of a tech influence?

A. Yes, it's definitely got a techno edge to it but it moves through different moods in the same way my DJ set would. There’s a mixture of old and new material on there; its not all party bangers. There are a few exclusive tracks of mine on there so I think it’s an all round good package.

Q. How has your style changed and what has influenced your style over the last few years?

A. Times and trends always change but techno and house have always been the core of what I play. I’ve been DJ’ing for twenty years now so I’ve found that the best policy is to just stay myself and play what I like without being too influenced by what is flavour of the month.

Q. What can fans expect in the future? Will you be doing more Djing or producing? What other works do you have in the pipeline?

A. I’m going to carry on DJ’ing of course but also spend more time in the studio. Over the last six-seven years, I’ve been busy running labels and pushing new talent so it’s about time that I focused on my own material. I have a whole album that is almost ready to go and has been for some time now. My priority is to get that finished off and keep putting out club tracks on a more regular basis.

Global Underground 36: Bogota - Mixed by Darren Emerson is out now.

Check out the promotional video that was shot during the tour in Bogota, Columbia. Click here

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