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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Dukes Of Windsor

By: Amanda Joy Robb

Melbourne boys Dukes Of Windsor’s release of “Minus” has generated so much noise, they are hitting the road again for another national tour. Kicking off in August, and playing 23 shows across the country, Dukes of Windsor, Trial Kennedy and Midnight Youth join forces and Share stages on “The Trilogy Tour”. Lead singer of The Dukes, Jack Weaving, talks to us in preparation of the tour about musical mishaps, mental asylums and singing with the lights off…

Q. Jack, you and the band are about to start “The Trilogy Tour” with Trial Kennedy and Midnight Youth. Is this the Dukes' first collaborated bunch of shows?

A. Yes it is. We all share the same booking company, so it is a good excuse for us bands to get together and perform under the same banner. It’s a bit of an experiment; all three bands have vastly different sounds, but this in itself is a great opportunity to show the public musically what we are up too.

Q. You guys released your second album “Minus” in September 08. It has been a success…

A. It can be quite difficult to sell an album these days, so gigs are the best reflection of what is happening. So far the shows have been going really well. This is the first time we are truly playing as a group and enjoying ourselves, and I think that is reflective in the music we are putting out now.

Q. Was this enjoyment a natural progression, considering the band has been together four years now?

A. Yes, definitely. We were much more relaxed with creating minus then we were with our debut. The first album was just rushed and full of mistakes. We put out the single ‘The Others’ which enabled us to release a debut album from that. We had no idea who the hell we were or what we were doing! So for us, Minus was a much better experience.

Q. Tell me about the production process of Minus?

A. We produced minus over two months with these Swedish producers overseas. Our recording studio was an attic in a shut down mental asylum. Their were all these underground tunnels and only minimal light came through in the day so very different experience!

Q. I imagine this style of environment influenced your sound?

A. Yes it did. We are trying to do everything now with our music as organically as we can. There are no computers anymore; in fact we even jammed with the lights off so we could really hear what we sounded like!

Q. What’s the writing process within the band?

A. Generally the lyrical content of a song comes last. We see vocals as a percussive tool and usually fit words into a track at the end of the day. It is all very opened ear, there is no one person dictating, everyone in the band has a say.

Q. Can you describe Dukes of Windsor’s sound?

A. That’s a tough one. I couldn’t honestly say what we sound like! I think when we first started nobody really knew where to place our sound, so we were bundled into this electro genre. What I do know is we want to create rock music to some degree that you can move too. I guess you could say we are electro pop rock.

Q. Have you any future plans of releasing another album?

A. Well, we are heading to Berlin in September, where we will be touring for six months. We want to record our next album over there from the tour, and bring back to Australia an album where we sound like a live band. We feel we sound and play the best when we are on stage so we want to capture that with our next release, and just have some fun with our music.

Catch “The Trilogy Tour” throughout Australia at one of the following venues:

Wednesday August 12 – The Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour
Thursday August 13 – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Friday August 14 – The Annandale, Sydney
Saturday August 15 – Waves, Wollongong
Sunday August 16 – ANU Bar, Canberra
Wednesday August 19 – Roi Bar, Albury
Thursday August 20 – The Area Hotel, Griffith
Friday August 21 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat
Saturday August 22 – Republic Bar, Hobart
Sunday August 23 – Hotel New York, Launceston
Wednesday August 26 – The Loft, Warrnambool
Thursday August 27 – Ferntree Gully Hotel, Ferntree Gully
Friday August 28 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday August 29 – Pelly Bar, Frankston
Wednesday September 2 – Foundary, Cannington
Thursday September 3 – Prince of Wales, Bunbury
Friday September 4 – Breakers, Geraldton
Saturday September 5 – Amplifier, Perth
Sunday September 6 – Newport, Fremantle