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:: Spotlight :: Evermore - young and mobile

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Hailing originally from New Zealand, this band of brothers (Jon, Peter, and Dann Hume), that comprise Evermore, have made significant headway over the past eighteen months and have become “adopted” Australian. Their efforts have now seen them undertake a national headlining tour “The Night Is Young”, where they are on the road with three handpicked bands, Redsunband, The Vasco Era, and the Panda Band. Their worth and marketability has also resulted in the great deal arranged with Nokia Australia, who are sponsoring Evermore through its Music Goes Mobile website The website gives fans exclusive footage of Evermore through photos and behind-the-scenes footage taken by the band on their Nokia 3230 handsets, as well as exclusive downloads.

Amongst the busy set of activities during this time, the boys made a shopping centre appearance at Westfield Fountain Gate, and I caught up with them for a quick chat.

Q. Tell us about the idea for “The Night Is Young” tour?

A. The idea was to firstly get three bands to support us through the whole tour. This tour will also see us playing bigger venues – more production, lighting, projection screens, etc. There are more animation effects, making the whole thing very theatrical. Eventually, we want to have U2 type screens on an even bigger stage.

Q. You’ve released a tour EP and it contains contributions from all the bands represented on tour – a good thing, I must say…

A. It was going to start as a new single, but we thought that we’d get everybody involved in the CD. It’s a great souvenir of the tour – really good memorabilia.

Q. You must be excited about the Nokia sponsorship deal for the tour…

A. Yeah, we actually needed new phones and couldn’t afford them, so it’s a godsend! We’ll be filming stuff during the tour and it goes on to the specially designed website Music Goes Mobile. It’s a good way of interacting with the fans.

Q. You’ve made a significant move from New Zealand to Sydney. What has it meant and will you all take out Australian citizenship?

A. As you’re aware, there is already one Aussie amongst us (Pete). I don’t know. I suppose we’ll need another one of us to do so in order to qualify for an ARIA Award. But the move has been good, as we’ve been very busy around Australia this year.

Q. Your involvement in the soundtrack to “The OC” with “It’s Too Late” has brought you into a mainstream view…

A. Yes, it was great to get on to the list, and help us move towards a mainstream audience. It’s a very good soundtrack with other bands that we like.

Q. Your album “Dreams” has done great things here, going Gold status, and approaching Platinum…

A. Yes, we’re very pleased with the support from Australians and we’ve seen it on our travels.

Q. Doing the outer suburbs gigs and shopping centres is an interesting exercise…

A. Yes it is. We’ve never been to these areas of Melbourne before. But it’s good to know that we have good support out here that came to the shopping centre appearance.

Q. All these efforts resulted in an MTV award earlier this year – Best Breakthrough Act…

A. That was great. The fans voted for us and it’s the only real award we’ve ever one. We weren’t fortunate to win anything in New Zealand. By the way, we’re still waiting for the award!