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:: Spotlight :: Fedde Le Grand - Dutch Courage

By: Tim McNamara

He’s had three Top 5 UK hits in twelve months, enjoys a jet-setting DJ schedule and is house music’s latest cross-over poster boy. But what does Fedde Le Grand do on a rare night off?

‘I went gaming with a few friends,’ he laughs. ‘It was kind of nerdy but really nice. When you travel so much you actually get to appreciate the normal things even more. When I have some time to relax, it’s pretty basic stuff.’

Not that the globe-trotting Dutchman has had much time off lately. With ‘Let Me Think About It’ - his collaboration with Ida Corr – sitting pretty in the ARIA Top 20 and UK Charts, Fedde has been touring extensively and is excited at making his second trip down under at the end of this month.

‘I’ve been there once before and I really had a great time,’ he says. ‘If it’s anything like last time I will be enjoying myself for sure.’

Playing nearly 200 sets this year everywhere from London and Amsterdam to Ibiza and Brussels, Fedde has forged a reputation as one of the hardest-working DJ-producers on the scene and, surprisingly, doesn’t feel burnt out or tire of playing. It is, as he explains, all down to lifestyle.

‘You have to be a little bit of a monk sometimes,’ he says. ‘You have to treat your body in the right way and try and stay healthy or else it can really really get to you. It’s [tiredness] actually more from the travelling than playing out.’

After the runaway success of ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ and the follow up, ‘The Creeps’, some may be forgiven for thinking the success of ‘Let Me Think About It’ was a mere formality. As Fedde explains, however, his recent commercial success is not a sign of him turning his back on more underground sounds; rather, Fedde just does what he feels, and lets audiences make up their minds.

‘For me it’s not about being commercial, having cross-over hits or about being as underground as possible,’ he explains. ‘I just try and do the things that I like. If it crosses over it crosses over, if it doesn’t it just doesn’t. I’m working on my album at the moment and I’m not sure if anything’s going to cross over or maybe everything’s going to cross over. I think as soon as you start producing with that thought in the back of your mind, that voice that says ‘I have to make a new hit’ or ‘I have to make only underground music’…you kill your creativity.’

Fedde’s eagerly anticipated album is set to feature second collaborations with Ida Corr and Camille Jones, as well as a track with fellow chart-busting vocalist Luciana. These, in addition to possible tracks with Stereo MCs and Moloko’s Roisin Murphy, point towards more banging chart toppers when the album drops early next year, though, as Fedde reminds me, ‘You know how it is with albums; it’s always longer than you think’.

We wait with baited breath.

Catch Fedde Le Grand during his whirlwind five-date Australian tour.

Friday, November 30 - Platinum Nightclub, Gold Coast
Saturday, December 1 - Hordern Pavilion & Byron Kennedy Hall (Ministry Of Sound Festival – Sydney)
Saturday, December 1 - Stereosonic 2007 – Melbourne
Saturday, December 1 - Fore Shore Festival – Canberra
Sunday, December 2 - Supreme Court Gardens (Ministry Of Sound Festival) - Perth

‘Let Me Think About It’ featuring Ida Corr is out now through Ministry Of Sound.