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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Fedde Le Grand

By: Christina Giuffre

One of the stars of the upcoming Sensation event in Melbourne on New Year's Eve is Fedde Le Grand. He is a DJ, organiser and producer whose abilities in the studio are endless. Together with Funkerman, Fedde has produced some incredible material through Flamingo Recordings. The label is one of the most forward thinking and exciting music labels boasting an underground identity and an uncanny ability to release fresh tracks sooner.

Fedde was born in Utrecht (Netherlands) and has quickly built a name for himself working with major music acts such as Grammy Award-winning Black Eyed Peas front man and even Madonna. Fedde’s release ‘Put your hands up for Detroit’ became the Number one summer anthem of Ibiza and topped UK music charts. His follow up ‘The Creeps’, a remix of Camille Jones, reached the top 10 of the official UK singles chart and his remix of Ida Corr’s ‘Let Me Think About It’ (released May 2007) was elected DanceSmash at Dutch radio 538. Fedde was also the innovator of the concept Sneakerz (2004) throughout clubs in the Netherlands. At a Winter Music Conference in Miami, Fedde took home three International dance music awards: Break through solo artist, Best Breaks/Electro sound and Best Underground house track. He also won two Danish Deejay awards and the Australian MTV award.


How did you come to do Sensation?

The first one I did was in Belgium and I really liked it and then after that I did Amsterdam and from then on I started doing more and more.

What makes Sensation different from other events?

Sensation is always so huge which is pretty impressing also I personally have never seen any show that comes close to the show that they do. Nothing really compares but I think if I had to define it; it’s like a themepark of music events. I’ve never seen something with so much show, so much life and with so much going on and I think that’s the biggest reason it is so different from other events.

Who will you be bringing out on tour?

Well, Camille (Jones) and Ida (Corr) (to name a few) and they are responsible for some of the other tracks on my album.

How do you feel about playing for 45,000 people and what do you expect of the fans reception to the music?

Well, Australia is one of my favourite countries in which to play but since this is the first time this concept has come to Australia you can never be 100% sure of the reception. I am sure it’s going to be pretty good and I really think that all the people that are coming are in for a total experience and they will really love it. Actually, I also think that they are quite lucky because the concept has evolved over time so they are getting the best of the best. I’m always a little bit nervous to play for such a big crowd but I’m looking forward to it at the same time.

Tell us about any new releases we can look forward to?

Of course the most important thing coming up is the album which is a very big artist album with a few tracks that will be playable right away. I think the album is pretty much a 50-50 or 60-40 split of pop and house music. After the album I will be able to split myself into FLG and Fedde Le Grand which is essentially the same person but it (the different labels) allow me to do more dance floor stuff under the FLG label and more vocal stuff under the name Fedde Le Grand.

How long will you be in Australia during this time period and what future plans do you have in the country?

Well, this time I will be there for about 3 weeks and I think I will be back again after 6 months.

Where to next, what else is on your itinerary after Sensation?

After January 2009 I’m taking a bit if time off to chill out and enjoy a vacation. As of February we’re starting with a radio show and there wil be a lot more albums released worldwide. There are also a few things pending which are really interesting but I can’t say too much about it yet…

Who do you most look up to and why?

I don’t actually have one particular person that I look up to but get inspired by a lot of music people, especially Carl Cox, particularly from a DJ point of view. He is one of my favourite artists because he has manageed to play everything from softer stuff to the really banging stuff and that’s what I appreciate about him. Other artists that I am a big fan of include Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx and I think the reason is that they have their own total unique sound and there is nothing else like it.

What is the music/dance scene like in Europe and how does it compare to the Australian music scene?

Actually I think nowadays with the internet making music more accessible I don’t think the difference is that big. Although I think the biggest difference lies in the way people perceive the music. When you play live that’s when you can notice that difference. I mean in Holland, it is acually a bit harder to play, as we have so much (musical talent) here and we have so many parties on from such a high quality standard that people are a bit spoilt. So, if your talking about the music there is not such a big difference but there are some slight differences, like the french have their own kind of style and the Dutch theirs and the Australian’s their own.

What are your thoughts of the Melbourne music scene and night life?

I remember that it is quite good but maybe I am a bit coloured because I fell in love with Australia. I’ve actually had such a great time there but maybe there’s a bit more to it (the music and nightlife) that I have not yet seen.

And finally for all your female fans; is there someone special in your life?

Well, actually I have a few people that are special to me but you probably mean in terms of a girl right? (laughs). Yeah well, I have been with my girlfriend now for four years so she has been a very special person in my life. Of course it’s hard for her sometimes because I am away a lot and am quite busy and she also has quite a lot going on with her company but we can both more or less divide our time.


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