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:: Spotlight :: Gabriel's Day interview

By: Elle Halliwell

The members of Gabriel’s Day want to get something straight; their name is pronounced Gaibriel’s Day, and it’s a name that’s being mentioned more and more on the music scene. Their music has been compared to bands like Coldplay and Counting Crows, and their debut album, Anthems & Intimacies has already received great reviews. Bassist and vocalist Scott Mesiti gives reporter Elle Halliwell the low-down on the album, and why the town of Broken Hill holds a special place in their hearts…

Who are the members of Gabriel’s Day?

Scott Mesiti (bass and vocals), Linzi Steele (drums) and Daniel Simmons (guitar and vocals).

When did you guys form, and where?

We formed in 2001, at Music College. Dan was backpacking around Australia and thought he’d take some time out when he saw an ad for the college. Dan and I were put together in writing class and we had to perform together a lot. We didn’t know each other’s songs at first, but we clicked, and decided to record a few songs together. Our drummer enrolled at college the next semester.

Has your style changed since then?

For us, our music is across the board. No two songs on our album sound the same, so we don’t have a style as such. All of our songs sound like us, and we all put our own flavours in. I think we are always evolving, but we don’t stray too far from our original sound.

Where did you get the name Gabriel’s Day?

There’s a bit of mystery behind our name. I can’t tell you what it’s about, but we’ve been leaving hints here and there, like the counter on our website. We’re kind of working towards the name, and eventually all will be revealed.

Your debut album ‘Anthems and Intimacies’ was released this month. How’s it doing?

It’s just been released so we don’t expect it to chart before Christmas. We released it on our own record label, which made the process a lot harder than if we were signed with a major record company because we don’t have those kinds of funds. It’s been really rewarding though, and the Waifs and John Butler Trio have already proved it can be done. It’s creating a buzz, and our new film clip has just been added on Rage and Video Hits which is really great.
We didn’t want to enter in at number 19 or anything like that. We’d rather let people find out about our music by themselves, and we’re confident they will because we’ve already been getting some good feedback.

Who does most of the song writing in the group?

We all do it. The songs come from three different people with a lot in common, if that makes any sense! That’s why the songs vary. We love the songs each other listens to, and we all like to put ideas into the songs.

Who is the most difficult of the group to tour with?

Linzi’s probably the lowest maintenance of the three of us. I’m pretty bossy cause I look after the tours, but we’ve always got to keep an eye on Dan. He’s pretty funny. We started this honesty policy when we formed, so we try to nip things in the bud straight away, rather than letting things build up. I think that’s key.

What has been one of your worst touring experiences?

When we went to Broken Hill. We were performing at an under 18’s youth show, and the promoter forgot to check whether there was anything else happening on the same night. There were three school formals on, so we ended up playing for six people! To top it off we broke down on the way home.

What is your favourite track on the album?

I’d have to say the last track, The People vs Tim Hardy. It’s quite different, from a music point of view. It’s not your typical radio song but I could hear it being played. When it was recorded it sounded quite different, but the producers wanted us to change it so it ended up sounding really fresh when we finally heard it.

And finally, where does Gabriel’s Day hope to be in a year’s time?

If the first album does well, we hope to have toured Australia at least two or three times by next year. The songs for our second album have already been recorded in the UK so we can concentrate on touring. A lot of bands will release an album and then tour extensively, but then they have to stop to make their second album. We’ve already written songs for our third!

Gabriel’s Day will be performing at @Newtown on December 9. For tickets, log on to the Moshtix website Tickets also available on the night.

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