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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Illzilla - set for the Australian Finals of the 2007 DMC Championships

By: Beat Broker

Melbourne’s own homemade Illzilla crew are best known for their hip hop sound fused with the likes of reggae, old school funk, blues, classical and rock. They are set to bring this monstrous sound live onstage to the Australian Finals of the 2007 DMC Championships happening at the Metro Nightclub, Melbourne. J-Zilla gives us the low down on what Illzilla are all about and what the audience can expect from their show at the DMCs.

You each come from such varied backgrounds. What makes the Illzilla crew work so well together?

That’s something that’s hard to put your finger on. The fact that we come from different places and bring our own thing to the table can be a great thing if we can work together well. Sometimes there are too many ideas at one time.

There are strong social and political undertones to your music. What pisses you off and inspires you?

Injustice and the lies being fed to us by our ‘leaders’. These things suck. Great music, fun times, sunshine and lollipops; these are a few of our favourite things…

Tell us about some of your various influences. Which artists make Illzilla want to spring out of bed each morning?

There are so many… The Roots, Hendrix, JR Gong, Kalashnakov, Dilla, Collie Buddz, Jay Z, Sizzla, Booker T, Pharoahe Monch, Capleton, Immortal Technique to name a few.

Have we got an album to look forward to? What’s it sounding like?

There will be an album coming soon. We've been working on it for a while. There have been a few setbacks and its taking a lot longer than I hoped. It will be called ‘Frustration’.

Moving away from music, do you all hang out together in a social sense?

Sometimes, we are all very busy doing our own things. We have great times when we’re all together.

You’ve supported some of the big boys, playing alongside Mixmaster Mike, The Nextmen and Cash Money. Did you get to hang out with any of these guys? What were they like?

These guys didn’t really hang and chill. Most of the time a touring artist will just head back to their accommodation for some well deserved rest.

Tell us about your most memorable gig.

It would be the Falls Festival last year. It was a really good set, great crowd and our mascot jaja the dinosaur was drunk and silly. Lots of fun!

Is the Melbourne hip hop scene one of unity or division? How’s the vibe between the respective crews?

It's all good were I’m sitting. I’m sure there’s some politics getting in the way, but I just keep out of that. It’s a waste of time.

Why should people come and check out your performance at the Australian finals of the DMC DJ Championships on August 17?

We got some new material, special guest DJ Jumps on the decks and One Siksth rocking the mic with us.

Catch Illzilla perform live at the Australian Finals of the 2007 DMC Championships. Friday, August 17 at the Metro, Melbourne.