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:: Spotlight :: Interview with rising pop star Irina

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

Emerging dance pop star Irina is preparing to make her mark in the music industry with the release of her “Something About You” Remix EP, available now on iTunes. Irina is an amazing vocalist and ready to show the world what she is made of with her release of her unforgettable single and music video for “Something About You”. The “Something About You” Remix EP feature a collection of remixes from some of the industry’s most notable DJs.

Thanks to Irina’s tightly honed chops and razor-sharp pop instincts, her music emerges as a dance-music powerhouse packed with tracks that lift the listener to a more blissed-out dimension. Deftly embodying the album’s seductive spirit, the lead single “Something About You” pair throbbing beats with brain-bending synth that’s both hypnotic and irresistibly dizzying.

Irina's current musical journey ensued after the night she discovered the house and electro music scene while attending a few events in Miami. Inspired by her personal discovery of music and her roots in rock with a passion for Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Madonna and Michael Jackson, Irina was determined to incorporate the passion and energy to her own music.

I had the pleasure of chatting to Irina recently about her drive for musical success.

Q. Tell us a little about your background?

A. I come from Moscow, and have Jewish, Italian and Russian in my blood. I was always keen to perform, being a mezzo-soprano in a choir, then doing acting classes. I studied psychology in a Russian school. Then I moved to New York, then Miami just over five years ago.

Q. What were your early experiences in music and dancing?

A. It was interesting when I started to create my own lyrics and poems. I had a great teacher and my dream was to write music in English. The move to Miami made things possible, so it was amazing to go from psychology to musician.

Q. Tell about the people you started working with?

A. It was an unbelievable experience working with my creative team, particularly the dancers. You can't operate with good people around you, and I have been fortunate enough to have a great team. You know, I'm actually working with an Australian guy too, Mark Fyfe. He is a producer and has been an incredible help to me. He's worked with Kelly Rowland and many others.

Q. The single “Something About You” is very catchy with lots of energy. The rehearsals video shows you hard at work on it too…

A. Yes, I wanted lots of energy and I managed to get renowned director Dustin Robertson to do the video for me. He has worked with major pop stars. It was very hard work for my first video - eight-hour days and I put all of my heart into it. It's my own art and I had to commit fully to it.

Q. Who have been some of your big influences in giving you this career dream?

A. I came here to make a rock project, actually. I was greatly inspired by Bon Jovi. Jon is an amazing singer in the way he expresses himself. His energy is amazing. He is my ultimate rock star. I also admire Britney Spears as dancing is important to me. Britney has been wonderful in her dance movements. People must believe in themselves and that's how I want to feel. We probably need a female version of Bon Jovi but I want to express myself also as a dancer, like how Britney Spears performs on stage.

Q. Fashion and image will be important as your career moves on. Tell us your thoughts on that?

A. Fashion is my drug. I'm obsessed with fashion and I love to see people dress well. The trick is to combine it with the music. My major thing is to be comfortable in what I wear. I have a big show coming up in Moscow and have some great costumes prepared.

Q. Which event is that?

A. Playing to about 500,000 people in Gorky Park to celebrate the birthday of Moscow. It's a huge festival with many performers. There will be classical music and operatic performances too. Something I want to do is to crossover dance music with classical music.

Q. How important is the Internet and social media for you?

A. It is a very important aspect for me. I'm always trying to communicate with fans. It's in my heart and I love telling fans what I am doing. I want to grow my personality through this means as my career is for everyone. People want to know things instantly too, so I am prepared to give them my time.

Irina's Something About You single and remix EP are available now on iTunes

Check out the video here