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:: Spotlight :: An interview with Jon Stevens

By: Alina Berdichevsky

Aussie rock legend Jon Stevens hasn’t been in town for a while. Fresh from headlining the REACH OUT FOR ASIA Tsunami benefit with a reformed Noiseworks, and his solo acoustic tour AROUND AUSTRALIA IN EIGHT DAYS, Jon Stevens is back with a new solo album.

Here, he chats with Alina Berdichevsky about life on the road, his notorious bandmates and personal legend Ray Charles…

Hi Jon, congratulations on your new album! You have easily reverted to a more soulful sound after decades of Rock&Roll.. Is there a genre that resonates more strongly with you?

Not really. I love all sorts of different music. I have a broad/eclectic taste. What resonates could be a lyric, it could be the way it's sung, played, the groove - different moods for different dudes!

You are currently on the road.. What have been some stand out moments and highlights so far?

Doing these intimate shows is what's great. The spontenaity, in this format, you can't hide and the interaction between myself and the audience is so much more personal.

How does being in a band differ from being a solo act, musically and spiritually?

Being in a band you have to be part psychologist, as everyone has an opinion and it's always a fine line between creative people. If you're not willing to compromise, then you probably shouldn't work in a collective.

Are you on amicable terms with your old band members?


What do you think of INXS doing a reality TV show?

Probably the same as you?

Who was your favourite person to collaborate with and is there anyone you're looking forward to working with in the future?

Stuart “Chet” Fraser is my favourite person I've worked with. He's consistently consistent! Looking forward to working with Ray Charles - (if) I get to heaven!?

If I knew then what I know now.. What are some life lessons that you have learnt during your journey?

Always be true to yourself. Don't believe everything you read and are told in this tabloid world we live in!

What's a perfect Sunday for you?

Just kicking back with the family, having a picnic, hanging at the beach, taking it easy, and spending quality time with the people that I love.

What would you love to achieve personally and professionally in what seems to be a great new chapter in your life?

Maintaining the passion for making music and still feel the same way when I'm 80 years old. If the likes of Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, BB King, and many more, could still get it on at their age and be respected and loved, then that's the place I'd like to arrive at one day. I'm 25 years in now, so maybe in another 25 years I'll be that old man down at the local singing the blues.

‘Ain’t No Life for the Faint Hearted’ is in stores across Australia now.

Upcoming shows
Saturday, March 26 - Gladstone Harbour Festival, Gladstone
Friday, April 22 - Blues On Broadbeach Festival, Gold Coast
Saturday, April 30 - Woodstock Festival, Kurwongbah