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:: Spotlight :: Interview with Meat Katie

By: Sabine Brix

Meat Katie a.k.a Mark Pember, is extremely busy - so busy in fact that it’s amazing he had time to spare for an interview. With a national tour starting on Friday, a new Ministry of Sounds Sessions album about to drop , projects on the go with his own label - lot49 - as well as a solo album in the pipeline, I was interested to see what was keeping this beat technician on his toes.

For his upcoming tour fans and punters alike will be in for a delectable feast of music, spanning from Pember’s self-confessed style which ranges from techno and electro through to house, He shall also be road testing ‘bits’ from his own music and that of his label lot49.

But first to diffuse somewhat of a genre grenade. Although many may think of Meat Katie as a breaks act, those privy to witnessing his shows would undoubtedly hear influences spanning a wide electronic soundscape, not at all exclusive to breaks, with Mark clarifying, “I think ‘tech funk’ is slightly more fitting. It’s just the word ‘break’ conjures up images of acts such as Stanton Warriors or Krafty Kuts and nothing could be further away from the truth. I would like to be thought of as a DJ that plays some breaks, not a breakbeat DJ,” he adds.

His own influences will become even more evident on the new Sessions CD which he explains is a double mix comp CD. “The first CD is very much more about my influences and this is a good example of what style I have been playing at after-parties for the last few years. CD2 is more of a main room set, which I am probably better known for, but I felt it was important to showcase both sides, given the opportunity.”

So what excites the man whose own music creates such a bang on the dancefloor and continues to be genre-defying?

“What excites me at the moment is there are many up and coming techno producers (from South America mainly), that are incorporating heavy percussion into their sound, it is so broken and twisted it’s almost becoming breakbeat, and they don’t even realise it.”

So whether this magician will pull, breaks, house, tech, or an entire marching band out of his hat, remains to be seen. You’ll have to experience the magic firsthand.

Meat Katie plays Miss Libertine in Melbourne on August 22.