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:: Spotlight :: Missy Higgins - A Girl and Her Guitar

By: Semone Maksimovic

You may recall that stunning voice that won our hearts when she won Triple J’s unearthed with the soul baring “All For Believing” in 2001, whilst still in high school. Since then Missy Higgins has come a long way and only just released her debut EP “The Missy Higgins EP”. On that back of the release and as she has just completed a national tour with George, I spoke to Missy on when she was in America, busy meeting with possible producers for her debut album.

Growing up she found herself going through the usual indie rock stage most teens tend to, but her beginnings actually came from singing with her brother’s jazz band. “I don¹t think I was ever that big on listening to music growing up. I went through the whole grunge rock stage and then a few years later my brother was in a jazz band. He introduced me to jazz. Soon after I started singing with his band in pubs and clubs while I was still quite young. The household I grew up in was quite creative, with my brother and father always playing the piano and stuff, so I guess it all influenced me
to do what I’m doing today in some way. “

At the age of 17 she won Triple J’s “Melbourne unearthed” with one of the solo songs she’d be writing on the side. ‘All For Believing’, along with three other tracks written over the years, appear on her debut EP. “I wrote that years ago and I wrote ‘Falling’ soon after that. So I didn’t really write for the EP because I had so many songs already. I just picked the best ones and decided to get them out there. It only took about 5 days to record. It was so beautiful working in the surrounds of Mangrove Studios. I don’t think I will be able to record in the city now that I’ve experienced that. It was so nice. I’d just walk out on to the balcony and be surrounded by bush and lush green grass. It was perfect and so inspirational.”

The past couple of months had seen her meeting with some of her favourite producers, about producing her debut album with her in 2004. She has met with John King (one of the infamous Dust Brothers –Beastie Boys “Paul’s Boutique”, Beck “Odelay”, etc) and Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams). “It’s pretty amazing. I just put my preferences in of which I’d like to work with from which CDs I really loved the production of, and doubted I’d get to meet half of them. But now I am and it’s just starting to sink in and it’s just amazing.”

With all of this amazing stuff going on in Missy’s life, all she can look forward to is settling in at home and relaxing for a month over New Year. “I haven’t spent a huge amount of time at home for quite a while, so I’m hoping to spend a month at home over Christmas and get my body clock back in order and maybe go camping. Then early next year, I’ll probably be coming back to America to get ready for the new record”.

“The Missy Higgins EP” is out now through Eleven/Virgin.
See Missy perform at Club Acoustica in Manchester Lane, Melbourne on Tuesday, January 20.