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:: Spotlight :: Interview with US singer-songwriter Nikkole

By: Carmine Pascuzzi

One of the most fascinating and often invigorating aspects in the music scene is discovering singers from across the world. With the continual growth of the Internet as an outlet for artists to showcase their work, I find it common to receive such news. One recent newcomer I found is a singer-songwriter called Nikkole. She is originally from North Carolina, USA, and now resides in Los Angeles. She had a debut CD “Appearances” in 2003 and now follows up with “A Girl Like Me”. Nikkole’s music has already seen her popularity soar in online circles, especially on She is also a model and her attractive look endears herself to a growing fanbase.

The music is refreshing as one of these new stars on the horizon and willing to put in the effort to market/promote herself through the Internet and other independent sources. Nikkole is working very hard in the “do-it-yourself” method and convinces me of being a genuine and quality performer with much to offer. Her efforts have so far resulted in collaborations with Grammy Award-winning artists The Emotions. She has created cuts for the trio’s next album and her own music has been highly valued by The Commodores, Babyface, and others. “I’ve always had a love of music. I used to write poetry and I had the good fortune to grow up singing with some good names in the industry. Working with The Emotions has been a big thing for me. They have been a great inspiration, validating what I’m doing.

In Japan, Nikkole has received a great response because of a song “Over It”, re-recorded in Japanese from her debut album. Nikkole says, “I’m reaching a broader audience because of the Internet. As for Japan, I don’t even speak Japanese but I thought it was worth a try. I made a good impression and it was a good result. The audiences there are very friendly.

Most of Nikkole’s promotional efforts are through regular radio activities around the California region and occasional in-store appearances. “I’ve had some success with radio stations because of the way we set things up. I’ve had exceptionally good feedback from radio. The fact that I’m singing R&B has lent itself to it also.” Nikkole also acknowledges how vital the Internet is as a do-it-yourself mechanism. “The Internet is important if you know how to work it. It gives you something to work within your resources if you’re not signed to a major label. You need to devote much time to it.”

As far as major label possibilities, Nikkole is circumspect about the future. “We’ve had some interest from major labels, but we’re determined to do the work and keep going our way, as long as it’s working. Besides, the offers weren’t totally to our liking. The only thing we miss, obviously, is the resources that the majors have.”

With her modelling assignments, she is the complete package. “I’ve been modelling since I was a teenager. I was able to get endorsements for jeans and footwear. There have been several other endorsements. As for fashion tips, she offers the following comment: “Wear what suits you. For example, the lower-cut jeans don’t work for everyone.”

Her desire is definitely to join the ranks of today’s top-selling and well-respected music artists.

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