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:: Spotlight :: Interview with legendary Kiss star Peter Criss about his new solo album

By: Nathaniel Delaney

Recently I had the opportunity to have a quick chat to one of rock‘s biggest stars from the last thirty-five years, Peter Criss, from the rock band Kiss. He is part of rock 'n’ roll folklore as Kiss has made a big contribution to the rock scene since the mid-1970s. Peter was a co-founder and the drummer in the band.

Peter is also well known for the band's first successful hit “Beth”. He has now reached age 61 and about to become a grandfather. His latest album is titled “One For All”, a collection of mellow, heartfelt ballads. Many of the songs deal with the pain and troubles he has suffered.

Peter left Kiss 1980, returned to them in 2002, before another departure in 2004 due to contractual disagreements. He then focused on his solo album, on which he spent much time and effort. The new CD is autobiographical, and he wrote most of the material, with several cover songs. The project marks Peter's first fully self-produced CD, which took two and a half years in the making.

Q. - Peter, you just recorded the solo album “One For All”. What was the process in recording such an album?

A. - It was a project because I did it all. I composed and drummed and did all the vocals. I also had such amazing people to work with on the album too.

Q. - Tell us what you feel about the album - what it means to you?

A. - The new album is all about life for me. I write my music in a story form. I find in life that it's a story.

Q. - Do you have a personal favourite?

A. - One I wrote called “Faces Of The Crowd”. It's a song that has a lot of meaning to me. I dedicated the song to my fans. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am today. They provide me with support and just so many good comments. There's really no one else out there, like a true die hard Kiss fan.

Q. - What are the good sides to creating a new album?

A. - The good would have to be quoting decisions of what's good and bad. And I'm used to being in a band, so recording solo albums is definitely a change. But I like it because I'm not at home rocking on my rocking chair. It's my love for music which keeps me going.

Q. - And what are some of the bad sides?

A. - It really breaks hearts if you get rejected. I live and sleep to please people, especially my fans. A lot of harsh things can be said, but I'm a tough guy. I don't mind constructive criticism, but insults are something I
wont take.

Q. - Being a world famous artist/musician must have given you some great benefits. Do you mind telling us what they are?

A. - Being In music has led me to gain a lot of knowledge. I have lost a lot of good friends, but gained some good ones as well. And I get called a “rock star” all the time, but I like to call myself a musician and it's what I am.

Q. - So, compared to the past, how would you describe yourself musically now?

A. - Well, now I'm a senior musician. I discipline myself, and adapt myself to all sorts of music, even classical, which, in fact, I have been listening to for a few years now.

Q. - What are your biggest influences in music?

A. - There are so many! The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. See, I'm a kid from the 1960's. I love James Brown. I'm not too crazy about hip hop or pop. But I still support it.

Peter's new album “One For All” is available now through Red/Sony. He can't wait to come to Australia, next time he gets the chance! If you want more information on the album, please visit here

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